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What does 4 s mean in iPhone?


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4 means that it is the 4th generation of phone

There was:

1. Original iphone (2g data only)

2. iPhone 3G (3g data)

3. iPhone 3GS (better processor and camera)

4. iphone 4 (total redesign)

5. iPhone 4S (a5 processor, dual radios, better camera, siri, etc)


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The IPhone 4's from Verizon are the same as the IPhone 4's from AT&T. The only difference is the service.

It means Iphone 4 (For) S (Steve). They postponed iphone 5 and let out an immediate new iphone called Iphone4S due to Steve's days coming to an end.

the iphone 4 s has better voice recognition and the regular iphone pretty much has horrible voice recognition

The S stands for Siri, she is the intelligence assistant created to help iPhone users.

no, as long as your iphone is on the latest software version it is secure.

If you mean IPhone 4S the difference is that 4S has Siri, which is like a voice assistant on your phone.

i phone 4 steve (jobs)

Sadly, no. It has to be on.

If by "fix the iPhone 4" you mean fix the problem with the antenna and people putting their gig

the samsung galaxy s by far

if you mean developement as in generations of iphones, then: 2008---- iphone 2g 2009---- iphone 3g 2009---- iphone 3gs 2010---- iphone 4 and if you mean application development (well paid job) then look it up on youtube...

The iPhone 4 camera has 5 megapixels.Egg Mc.Man.....In a Plastic Bag

It is the 4th model of iPhone. But iPhone generations do not go from one up: 1. iPhone 2. iPhone 3G (because of 3G connection) 3. iPhone 3GS 4. iPhone 4. 5. iPhone 4S

Which smothers brother does the I phone s commercial

No the iPhone 4 does not. Only the iPhone 4S.

The difference you will see between the iphone 3G/3G S and the iPhone 4 is quite noticable. Especially the design. AS for the iphone 3G,there is no recently used apps bar (multi-tasking), you can't have a background wallpaper on the homescreen. As for the 3G S, you have both of these features. However, the iphone 4 has the Retina display, which the previous models do not. The iphone 4 has facetime (video calling), which the previous model does not. The iphone 4 can do HD video recording, has 5.0 MP with flash. I believe the 3G does 2.0? and the 3G S has 3.0 MP to it. No flash on previous models. Really, you can just go to the iphone section and i'm sure you can compare between the iphone 4 and the 3G S. In US, they do still sell the 3G S model but in 8 GB of storage, each country could be different where they could still sell the 16 GB model or the 32 GB, but very unlikely, unless they have few in stock. iphone 4 comes with either 16 GB or a 32 GB.

No, an iPhone 4 case will not fit an iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 is much thinner and longer than the iPhone 4 is.

Yes, an iPhone 4S will fit an iPhone 4 case. iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 cases can be used interchangeably.

Not at this time. Only the iPhone 4, along with the iPhone 4 White Colored.

if you mean iPhone 4 its about $200-$800 on eBay

No, they made the iPhone 4 case for a iPhone 4 not a droid.

The camera is really good on the iPhone 4s... I know from experience... 8 megapixel camera.

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