What does 5C on your gold ring mean?

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A gold ring will have the gold content inscribed inside. It may also have the manufacturer's mark inside. 5C would be the manufacturer's mark.
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What does 10A mean on inside of gold ring?

Markings on the inside of a gold ring indicate many things. Thenumber markings could tell the owner how much gold is actually inthe ring. for example 14k means 14 karats. The letter could tellthe owner if it is gold plating, or gold filling. Sometimes, theseletters and numbers are a combination of r ( Full Answer )

What does 9999 stamped in a gold ring mean?

It's the purity of the gold, as a decimal fraction. .9999 means the ring is 99.99% pure. That surprises me a bit, though, because jewelry is normally not made of gold that fine because it would be too soft for normal wearing.

What does a crown mean on a gold ring?

I have an old gold ring with markings CG&S - CROWN - 22 -ANCHOR - N I know the ring was made by Charles Green and it is 22 carat goldbut I am unsure of the rest. Can someone please help

What does 925 mean inside my gold ring?

Your ring was probably made in England or another country that doesn't use our standards. In USA we mark items with KT such as 18KT. Your ring is probably 22KT gold. it is gold plated sterling silver In the UK we do not use 925 on gold or silver. We use a 'Hallmark' that is for every area of the U ( Full Answer )

What does the stamped 333 on gold ring mean?

Stamps on Gold and Platinum Rings The stamp 555 on a ring is 14k Gold The stamp 999 means Gold with Platinum The Stamp 333 on a ring is very Rare and Exclusive, it has different value's - stamped as ; 333 means Platinum. (rear white Gold) stamped as ; 333 , 350 means, Platinum above 10000 yea ( Full Answer )

What does an anchor stamp mean on a gold ring?

It means that the ring was hallmarked in Birmingham, UK. You can see more detail here. http://www.gold-traders.co.uk/news/2008/01/simple-gold-hallmark-guide.html

What does 14K L mean on gold ring?

It might be solid gold, but it might not be. Sometimes there is aletter that identifies the maker, and sometimes this comes afterthe 14K mark. There is always a space between the 14K mark and themaker's mark and the maker's mark is often a different style oflettering than the 14K. On the other hand ( Full Answer )

Gold ring is stamped with 925 what does this mean?

This means that it is unlikely to be solid gold, most likely just plated. A stamp of 925 means that it is made predominantly of 92.5% silver. If you have purchased this under the pretence it was silver I suggest you get it independantly checked at any jewellers and then return the item as soon as po ( Full Answer )

Gold ring is stamped with 25 what does this mean?

'25' means that it twenty-five karat gold. -Jonhis NO!!!! Pure gold by definition can only be UP TO 24 karat. The karat marking on an item is how many parts out of 24 is pure gold, the rest being alloy mix. Thus a 14 karat item is 14 parts PURE gold and 10 parts alloy ( copper, zinc, silver , or ( Full Answer )

What does 14KGP mean on a gold ring?

14 k = how good the gold is - 10k not as pure - 24k Best there is. . K = karat. (for diamonds it's spelled carat) . GP = gold plated - Gold coating on outside of another metal - (like painting a bottle cap with gold) . hope that helps ya.

What does 20 on a gold diamond ring mean?

well my ring is a .60 and is stamped 60 so im assuming it means you have a .20 stone Another Answer The markings on the metal cannot be trusted to reflect any information about the stone mounted in it. Metal markings give information about the metal.

What does PDN on a gold ring mean?

Pdn® is a registered trademark used for Jewelry and owned by Pranda North America, Inc., Gateway Trading, Inc.. Full trade mark registration details, registered images and more information below.

What does 795 mean on a gold ring?

3 Digit numbers hallmarked on precious metal rings indicate the fineness or caratage (ct) of the metal. There is not a fineness value for 795, as it does not exist, to my knowledge, in the UK or US, and I'm pretty sure nowhere else in the world either. The Fineness marks in the UK are as follows: ( Full Answer )

Your ring is hallmarked solid gold what does this mean?

It typically means two things. First, the ring was probably made before the stamp act of 1906 which regulated, among other things, what jewelers could and couldn't hallmark on their wares. Second, assuming the piece is US made, it would mean the ring is of at least (and quite likely) 10k gold. This ( Full Answer )

What does 825CZ on gold ring mean?

Are you sure the 8 is not a nine as this would refer to sterling silver (925 parts per thousand) & that the stones set into the ring are cubic zirconia's

What does 969 on a gold ring mean?

I have only recently started an apprentiship in goldsmithing but i belive it refers to the percentage of gold withing the ring as in 18 karat or 24 karat but the number means it is 96.9 percent pure gold wichh is a high percentage. sterling is 92.5 percent so you have a sterling gold ring there my f ( Full Answer )

What does 14k on a gold ring mean?

It means that the item is gold and the purity of the gold is 14 parts out of 24 pure gold or about 58.5% pure gold

What does NV on gold ring mean?

Hi,It can be IV or VI which means 18ct in Arabic.Thanks.Get back to me at s.lucy43@yahoo.co.uk if u have any doubts.

What does an s inside a gold ring mean?

An S inside a gold ring is the maker's stamp. If the ring were notgold and had an S inside it would stand for sterling silver.

What does 25 mean on a gold ring?

if you mean .25 or 0.25, it would mean you have quarter carat of real diamonds in the jewellery piece

What is the meaning of a gold keeper ring?

If you mean this type of keeper ring: Signifies fertility. A design as old as the Romans, depicting stylised ears of wheat and round berries, ancient symbols of fertility. The design saw a revival during the late Victorian period where many 18ct gold examples were produced for men and women and t ( Full Answer )

What does 525 on a gold ring mean?

It is most likely a messed up .585 ( miss read or worn down) which is the metric - European equivalent to 14k

What does f 925 mean on a gold ring?

It means that you were either given a ring that is not gold at all or it may be gold plated, but usually this means that it is totally silver.

What does 14KB mean stamped in a gold ring?

I recently had the same problem with a necklace and found out It was real Gold.. It means that your ring can hold 14KB of memory. Mine can hold 4MB.

What does 416 mean on a gold ring?

Its means it consist from 41.6% of gold and 58.4 of other metal. its called 10KT gold. for example 14KT GOLD is 585. (58.5 Gold and 41.5 other metal).

What does QJ mean on a gold ring?

QJ could be the maker's mark - indicating who made the ring. All modern jewelry is supposed to have the metal content stamp (10K, 14K, 18k, 925, etc.), the maker's mark, and the country of origin.

What does an 800 on a gold ring mean?

If im correct it means that it is an 800 gold Karrot ring.im not 100% certain though. You should go to a jewler near your city/town and find out.

What does 599 mean on a gold ring mean?

It usually reads 585 which is 14kt gold. They are allowed a little variance so you probably have 14kt gold at .599 (or a messed up .589 (more likely)) purity.

What does HJ10K mean on a gold ring?

About Herff Jones Herff Jones has a rich history - a history that is also one of growth. Harry Herff and Randall Jones, who began their business in an old fire engine building on Capitol Avenue in downtown Indianapolis, founded Herff Jones in 1920. The company started out manufacturing class ring ( Full Answer )

What does 40k on a gold ring mean?

When a number is given followed by K it means the weight of the gold. Most have 10K, 12K, 14k and 18k. I have never seen 40k.

What does 750 on gold ring mean?

Karat - The karat (symbol kt) a unit of measure of the amount of pure gold in a metal. One karat represents 1/24th of an alloy's total weight. One hundred percent gold is 24 karats. . 24-karat gold = .995 to .99999 22-karat gold = .916 . 18-karat gold = .750 . 14-karat gold = .583 ( Full Answer )

What does RSG on a gold ring mean?

On any piece of fine & semi-precious Jewlery RSG- denotes a Pre-assembled piece of Jewlery that does not have certification on gems or components. (These pieces can generally not be "Traded Up" given the lack of certification.) RSG- literal translation is "Ready-Set-Go": Meaning a preassembled piece ( Full Answer )

What does the c in iPhone 5c mean?

Some people say that the 'c' stands for cheap, because the iPhone 5is made out of plastic (polycarbonate frame reinforced with steel).There is no answer to what the 'c' means but it is presumed that itmeans colour because the 5c comes in 5 colors.

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