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What does 750 stamped on jewelry mean?

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750 on a piece of jewelry signifies 18k, commonly used in Italy and other parts of Europe.
The 750 mark would indicate 18 karat gold, not silver.
It means 18K gold.

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What does 14kud stamped on jewelry mean?

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What does vier 750 944 vi stamped on a bracelet mean?

944VI found on each jewelry is a company trademark by Viera Spa, an Italian gold jewelry manufacturing company

Is all jewelry stamped?

Not always the jewelry is stamped, however, no stamp doesnt mean it is not genuine.

What does 228 stamped on jewelry mean?

The number 228 stamped on jewelry means it is made of gold.

What does DM mean stamped on gold jewelry?

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What does 80 SR mean when stamped on silver jewelry?

When silver jewelry is stamped 80 SR it means that the jewelry is 80% silver.

What does SAP BR mean when stamped on jewelry?

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What does NDI stamped in jewelry mean?

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What does 750 stamped on a necklace mean?

18ct Gold

What does V O stamped on jewelry mean?

V.O. Jewelry is a brand.

What does Sless stamped on jewelry mean?


What does 525 stamped on jewelry mean?

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What does RA stamped in silver jewelry mean?

It is the initials of the company that manufactured the Jewelry.

What does 10KCAL stamped jewelry mean?

When jewelry has 10KCAL stamped on it, the 10K means that the jewelry is 10 karat. The CAL is a mark that shows the company that made the piece.

What does 585 Italy mean on gold bracelet?

585 stamped on jewelry is 14k. 14 karat jewelry is 58.5 percent pure gold. So it can be stamped 14k or 585. 10k = 41.6% or 416 14k = 58.5% or 585 18k = 75% or 750 22k = 91.6% or 916

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416 is 10k

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Dont no

What does 427 stamped on jewelry mean?

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What is 526 stamped on jewelry mean?

22kt gold

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Stamped 315

What does 750 mean stamped on a ring?

it means 18ct. or 750 parts per 1000 of pure gold.

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What does 325VI stamped on a 750 gold ring mean?

it is 18 karat