What does 9ct wd mean?

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What does cps 9ct mean on gold?

Cps is the makers initials and 9ct is the purity of the gold.

What does 9ct fns stamp mean?

Item is 9ct solid gold and manufactured by FN Stratton Jewellers

What does gold infused mean?

what does gold infused 925 20% 9ct mean

What does 9ct gold back and front mean?

9ct back and front: a term which is no longer legal, but is sometimes seen on old jewellery. It means the item is plated with 9ct gold on the back and front of the base metal.

What does 9CT mean?

Means 9 Karat (gold or diamond)

What does it mean if a ring is stamped 9CT?

9CT means 9 carats, which indicates 9/24 or 37.5% purity of the gold, alloyed with other cheaper metals. Gold is normally sold in 9ct, 14ct, 18ct and 22ct.

What does the stamp 9ct gold 9k gf mean?

it means gold filled. a layer of real 9ct gold on top of a cheap metal ie copper

What does WD mean in netball?

WD is short for Wing Defence, a position on court.

Why does 375 mean 9 carat?

yes,if you see 375 mark it does indeed mean 9ct gold

What does 375 cz mean on a ring?

9ct gold and cubic zirconium stone(s)

How do you tell difference in 9ct or gold plated gold?

9ct gold will have a '375' or '9ct' or '9kt' stamped onto it somewhere, gold plated gold won't have this.

What does wd mean on Facebook?

wd - means What doing basically asking you whats up or what your up to Or "well done"

What does 375 gold filled mean on a bangle?

375 Gold filled usually means that the bangle has been made hollow with 9ct (375)_ is the hallmark for 9ct. Then filled with a less expensive material like silver or copper to add weight and strength but without the added cost of a solid 9ct bangle.

What does dw mean in golf?

Did you mean "WD" which means with drew from the tournament.

What does the number 375 marked in jewelry mean?

375 is 9ct gold easy to sell to anybody

What does 925 WD on jewelry mean?

925 is the stamp for sterling silver , the "wd" is more than likely the manufacturers initials

Does 9ct stamped mean its genuine?

yes it means it is genuine but only 9/24 % pure gold

What does WD andWA mean in netball?

WD is short for Wing Defence and WA is short for Wing Attack, which are both positions on court.

Is 10ct better than 9ct gold?

Yes - 10ct gold has more pure gold than 9ct.

What is 9ct?

9ct gold is gold that is 9 carats. This means that the gold is 37.5% gold and the rest is mixed with other alloy metals.

Is 22ct gold worth more than 9ct gold?

Yes - 22ct is a much higher purity than 9ct gold.

What does a '375' stamp on jewelry mean?

375 parts (gold) per thousand in the jewellery or equiv to 9ct

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