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Kakou mean in hawaiian

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What is the hawaiian word for fire?

Fire in Hawaiian is pronounced Ahi

What is the hawaiian term for let's eat?

E 'ai kakou. (but there should be a kahako or straight line above the "a" in "kakou") E 'ai kakou. (but there should be a kahako or straight line above the "a" in "kakou")

How do you say Lets go in Hawaiian?

E hele kakou! ( the "a" in kakou has a macron or "line" over it". Pronounced kah-co (co as in cold)

What is the Hawaiian translation for fire?

The Hawaiian translation for fire is Ahi, spoken as AH-he.

How do you say take care until we meet again in hawaiian?

Until we meet again in Hawaiian is:"A hui hou kakou"

What does A Hui Hou Kakou mean in hawaiian?

Aloha: See you soon; see you later; until next time, etc.

How do you say hello all in Hawaiian?

you say alohaAloha does mean Hello. But to say Hello All, use the phrase "Aloha Kakou". That means Hello to you and me.

What does ahi mean in maori?

Ahi means fire. Whenever a phrase has ahi it has something to do with fire. Such as ahi tipua means volcano. Or ārai ahi means fire screen.

What has the author Bible NT Hawaiian 1902 written?

Bible. N.T. Hawaiian. 1902 has written: 'Ke kauoha hou a ko kakou haku e ola'I a iesu kristo' -- subject(s): Texts, Hawaiian language

When was Élie Kakou born?

Élie Kakou was born in 1960.

When was Stephane Kakou born?

Stephane Kakou was born in 1988.

When was Kakou Senda born?

Kakou Senda was born in 1924.

When did Kakou Senda die?

Kakou Senda died in 2000.

what is flame in Hawaiian?

ula ahi [ooh-la ah-hee] Some will just say ula. Some elders will also say waka [va-ka], but mostly ula ahi.

What does ano ai kakou mean in English?

It says "that love outfit"

When did Élie Kakou die?

Élie Kakou died in 1999.

What does Aloha no kakou mean?

aloha = love, greetings, farewell no = if it's just "no" without a horizontal line over the "o", it can mean "from" if there is a line, it means "indeed" kakou = us (3 or more people), can also mean "all of us" So: Aloha no kakou: Love/Greetings from us/all of us. (With a line over the "o" in "no"): Love/Greetings indeed to us/all of us.

How do you say may we come again in hawaiian?

Aloha: Say: paha kakou hoʻi hou aku [paha kay-ko ho'ee ho ah-koo]

What type of tuna is ahi tuna?

Yellowfin......and Big Eye Tuna. Ahi literal translation in Hawaiian is Smoke, which refers to the smoke that was produced when ancient Hawaiian would hook these fish on there hand lines. The fishermen would fish with the hand lines around a dowel, like a modern day drag system. As the line went screaming out the hemp type line would actually produce smoke. Ahi is freely used for both species in Hawaii.

When did Elie Kakou die?

Elie Kakou died on June 10, 1999, in Paris, France of lung cancer.

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