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Annie Dent Davis has written: 'Abraham Johnson and descendants'

McClung is Nellie Mcclung's Mother in Law Annie McClung is Nellie Mcclung's Mother Law Annie McClung is Nellie Mcclung's Mother in Law

Annie Mabo is the mother of Eddie Mabo.

Annie was Max Kane's mother. She was choked to death by her husband. :(

susan moses,the mother of annie oakley,died in 1905

i want to know what year her mother died?

Roxy Mitchell is baby Amy's mother.

She was born Marguerite Annie Johnson

Annie Oakley - 1954 Dude's Decision 3-33 was released on: USA: 10 February 1957

Althea Gibson's mother was Annie Bell Gibson.

She was born Marguerite Ann Johnson on April 4, 1928.

Annie Oakley's goals were originally to be able to shoot pray to provide for her mother and siblings

Annie E. Graham is not correct. Her name was Annie Neal Graham. I know this because she was my mother.

Annie Oakley ate the food her mother bought as a child but as she got older she ate the food she caught/shot

well she had to leave her mother because her mother could not take care of all seven of them, and her mother's happieness when her father died.

Nine - Eight with his Father and Mother but 1 when his widowed mother married another man.

Yes. Annie is married to James Hayman, the television director, and is the mother of Clay, James, and Harry. Wikipedia has particulars, and a link is provided.

some man named Sam Shaw, i think.

Her father is Henry Chee DodgeHer mother is K'eehabah

Annie Grace (née Yarbrough) was Brenda Lee's mother

Maya Angelous real name as a kid was Marguerite Annie Johnson.

Annie Jade Annie Jane Annie Elizabeth Annie Rose Annie Marie Annie Grace Annie Louise Annie Natasha Annie Olivia Annie Alivia Annie Beth Annie Caitlin Annie Kate Annie Nicole Annie May (or Annie Mae) Annie Jasmine

In 1936, she died the same year as Annie, Helen's Teacher