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Ariana does not have a middle name. Her full name is Ariana Grande-Butera. no middle name

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Does Ariana Grande have a perfume?

Yes. Ariana grande has three perfumes. One is "Ari by Ariana Grande", the second is called "Frankie" named after her brother, and her third perfume is called "Sweet Like Candy"

How do you impress Ariana Grande?

You do all the stuff she loves how would i know because i like her and you need to go to los angeles and look online and ask where does ariana grande live and it will say los angeles and dalton gomez and ariana grande are ingaged

How do you say the name ariana in japanese?

Ariana can be written: アリアナ

Does Ariana Grande love girls?

If you mean as friends then yes. If you are referring to her preference ( I guess you can say) , then NO.

How much are Ariana Grande tickets?

Depending the venue of the concert! But I'd say the Maximum is 200$

Who is prettier Zendaya Coleman or Ariana Grande?

They both r pretty but I'd say Zendaya

Does ariana granade have lung cancer?

No, Ariana Grande does not have lung cancer. She tweeted that she has an infection in parts of her skull and lungs.

Does Elizabeth Gillies sing better than Ariana Grande?

i would say that they both sing awesome.

Is Arianna Grande cute?

when u mean Ariana Grande the actres and singer than i must say she is the cutest thing i ever saw in my life :Giuliano Rizzo

What type of accent does Ariana Grande have?

Being borne and raised in Boca Raton, Florida, it is safe to say she has a Floridian accent.

Who is the biggest pop star right now?

It's not really possible to name just one. These are who I would say are the top five:AdeleDrakeAriana GrandeSiaJustin Timberlake

How old is the McClain sisters Zendaya Bella Thorne and Ariana Grande?

I would say about 15,16,13,14,16(n order from left to right)

How do you say I am Ariana in french?

Je m'appelle Ariana. (jay mapel) Ariana

Was Raven Handrich dating Bridgit Mendler or Ariana Grande?

He dated Bridgit for like 6 months but they're not together anymore. Ppl say he dated Ariana bc they were spotted hanging out together at a hotel while Ariana was in FL but i don't believe they ever dated, i think they are just friends. :)

Is the name alanah better than ariana?

this is matter of oppion, but I say no U-H!! Ariana is a fab name and there are lots of nicknames for it .. eg: Ari, Ana, A! and to be not rude but MY REAL name is ARIANA!! so I took that one as an afence how old do you think u r?? I like that name Alanah but i like the name Ariana and Ari those are really good names so take that to offence :()-

What kind of nose does ariana grande have?

I'd say a very tiny and perfect nose. But don't get self conscious about yours I am more than sure she got plastic surgery.

Johnnys middle name the outsiders?

His name is Johnny Cade but it didn't say his middle name in the book if he ever had a middle name.

How do you say big error in spanish?

You can say "error grande", or "equivocación grande".

How do you say big girl in Spanish?

You could say "chica grande", or "niña grande".

Why did Ariana Grande and Graham Phillips break up?

gram philips did not like her Answer2: Ariana and Graham Phillips WERE dating in 2011. But they broke up because Ariana and Graham had a on off Relationship and Ariana had enough of that. Ariana developed feelings for another guy. I think his name is Jordan.He is one of her dancers. Ariana later called it off with Graham. Ariana and Graham broke up in late December. Ariana went on tour and continued her new relationship with Jordan in January. Graham later got accepted into Princeton. So I guess IN A WAY she was cheating on Graham. They SAY they remain friends but they rarely keep in touch. P.S I'm on my friend's account! I am a Arianator and I have my sources :) BTW my friend was actually friends with Jordan(The guy Ariana is dating) but he didn't get along with him for whatever reason. Bye xoxo :)

When did Ariana Grande get famous?

She got famous in Jason Roberts Broadway Musical 13. Some people say her big break was in Annie but that's not true she said it was 13 the musical in a interview.

When did Ariana Grande become famous?

2008 - she was in a broadway musical called 13 2010- she was in Victorious. It depends what you mean famous :) I believe she got famous in 2008 but others say 2010 so..

How come Ariana Grande doesn't say what's that supposed to mean anymore?

It was a one time line I guess, Cat also acts a little different from the first episode of victorious if you haven't noticed :]

Is Lynn the middle name of Natasha obama?

Some sources say that she does have the middle name of "Lynn," while a few others say she has no middle name. But all sources agree she prefers to be called "Sasha" and rarely uses the name "Natasha."

Why does oranges have skin?

oranges have skin cause that's how they are grown and dif they didnt have skin they could get dirty and get bugs on it when it is still on the tree. so i say skin is good on oranges but annoying your truly ariana grande

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