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What does Artillery ammunition means?

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heavy weapon Ammunition fired in artillery weapons such as cannons, howitzers and mortars.

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What are the kinds of ammunition?

Rifle, Shotgun, Handgun, Artillery

What does munitions mean?

Munitions means materiel used in war, such as weaponry and ammunition, such as bullets, artillery shells etc. The word is more often than not used in the plural form.

What is a munitions factory?

A factory that produced ammunition, such as artillery shells, bombs, missiles is a munitions factory.

What is slug ammunition?

ammunition means "to be fired from a gun" so slug ammunition means they use it as a bullet ,or with one ,or maybe they have a bullet as a shape of a slug

What is an artillery caisson?

It is an ammunition storage box usually towed by a two wheeled cart behind an artillery piece attached by it trail to a two wheeled limber for transportation. It usually provided a crew platform and often included seating for an artillery crew.

Is a 37MM considered artillery?

No, the 37mm and 40mm are fixed rounds and were used as anti personnel weapons and later used on tanks. REF TM 43-0001-28 TECHNICAL MANUAL ARMY AMMUNITION DATA SHEETS ARTILLERY AMMUNITION: GUNS, HOWITZERS, MORTARS, RECOILLESS RIFLES, GRENADE LAUNCHERS, AND ARTILLERY FUZES (FEDERAL SUPPLY CLASS 1310, 1315, 1320, 1390)

What are the different classes of ammunition?

It depends on what you mean, but very generally speaking, there is handgun ammo, rifle ammo, and artillery ammo.

What act did FDR pass to aid Britain in the war?

50 US destroyers; hundreds of tanks, airplanes, and ammunition & fuel for them. Thousands rifles, pistols, machineguns, artillery, and ammunition for them. Tons of medical supplies & Food & Clothing.

Which form so you use to transfer ammunition to range personnel or unit personnel?

Ammunition is gunpowder and other artillery used in combat including naval mines, warheads, missiles, bombs, landmines, and anti-personnel mines.

What were some of disadvantages of the Texan Army?

They were a very small force. They were poorly trained, They had no history or tradition. They lacked artillery. They had no consistent caliber of ammunition.

Was there contraband on the lusitania?

Yes. There were 1,248 cases of 3-inch artillery shells, 4,927 boxes of rifle ammunition. Total weight: 173 tons.

What is a Artillery?

Artillery=Cannons OR Guns In the military, the word "gun" does not mean rifles and means artillery. Rifles, pistols, machineguns, etc. etc. are called "Small Arms."

What sorts of jobs did women have to do in World War 2?

Producing and manufacturing weapons, ammunition, artillery, machinery, etc. They practically just won the war for us.

What word means to attack often with artillery?

To bombard, I believe.

What are artillery RPGs?

RPG stands for rocket propelled grenade. Artillery usually means stuff that are fired from a cannon, but these fly like rockets.

What is a good name for a greek god of artillery?

πυροβολικό/pyrovolikó - which means "artillery" in modern Greek. Pyro refers for "fire", and voliko perhaps "Vulcan". Hephaestus, in other words, is already the ancinet god of artillery.

What does pass the ammunition mean?

It means that a long time ago, people would pass ammunition to load cannons, because, they used heavy single shot ammo, and the person who fired the weapon could not carry the ammo by themselves. It means pass the ammunition so that it can be loaded into a cannon and fired.

What does arming mean?

Arming means "supplying with arms and ammunition in preparation for a conflict".

What is another word for fuel?

electricity, ammunition, combustible, gas, food, means

How were the trenches protected?

With barbed wire. The soldiers would fix or put them up during the night. Trenches were also protected by sand bags to aborb the shock of heavy artillery ammunition.

What is the plural form of ammunition?

The plural of ammunition is ammunition.

How is maths related to artillery?

Unlike normal guns, artillery fires its ammunition up in the air and allows gravity to bring it back down to ground. Simply aiming in the direction of the target will not result in a hit. While simple trial and error can be used to aim artillery, fire the first shot, see where it lands and then adjust the artillery gun a few clicks and fire again, repeating the process until you get a hit, this is slow, wasteful of ammunition, prevents a suprise attack and may potentuallty result in friendly fire. The trajectory of an artillery shell can be modelled using mathmatics and a knowledge of physics. You know the mass of the artillery shell, and the velocity at which it is fired, and the force of gravity. You can control the direction and angle of the artillery gun, and hopefully calculate the effect of the wind on such a trajectory. If you plug in the mathmatics, you should be able to calculate that for a given direction and angle, where the artillery shell will land relative the gun. Now assuming you know the location and height of the artillery gun and hopefully know the location and height of the enemy target, all you need to do is work the equasion backwards to calculate which angle and direction you need to fire the artillery gun in to hit the target. While simple to describe, it can be a little time-consuming to work out all the figures by hand, especally when you have a large number of artillery guns and artillery targets. In fact one of the first uses for the very early computers/counting-machines was to number-crunch artillery trajectories.

What are the different types of primer in a ammunition?

small pistol large pistol magnum pistol small rifle large rifle magnum rifle .50 BMG These are the primers used in all pistol and rifle ammo that is commercially available. Larger, artillery type, ammunition uses much different primers, obviously.

What is an antonym for artillery?

not artillery