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Athena tells Odysseus to keep his identity a secret until he is ready to kill the suitors. Athena also helps to disguise Odysseus as a beggar.

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Q: What does Athena tell Odysseus?
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Why does Athena not tell telemachus that Odysseus is alive?

She does

What does Athena tell telemachus to do?

To find his dad, Odysseus.

Who is Odysseus' protector and What does it tell us about him?

Athena protects him.

How does Athena tell Odysseus himself when he returns home?

Athena disguises herself as a young spritely shepherd as she walks up to Odysseus on the Ithacan beach.

What did Athena do for the beggar Odysseus?

Athena disguised Odysseus so no one will recognize him.

Why did Athena treat Odysseus?

She treated Odysseus very well. Without Athena, Odysseus would not have made it home.

Why did Athena favor Odysseus?

Athena was one of the main gods of Ithaca. Odysseus prayed to Athena and eventually befriended her. Athena trusts Odysseus enough to let him see her, unlike other mortals.

What does Athena instruct Odysseus he must tell telemachus?

Athena instructs Odysseus that he must tell Telemachus his story. She said to Odysseus: "High-born son of Laertes, ready Odysseus, tell now your story to your son. Hide it no longer. Then having planned the suitors' death and doom, go forward both of you into the famous city. And I myself will not be far away, for I am eager for the combat."

Who must Odysseus consult to learn his destiny?

Odysseus talk to athena and athena tells him

Who is Odysseus?


What is Athena always at the side of Odysseus?

I believe it's because Athena pities and likes Odysseus.

How did Athena change Odysseus before he went to the swineherd?

Athena disguised Odysseus as an old beggar with her goddess powers.Athena disguised Odysseus as an old beggar with her goddess powers.

Who helps Odysseus?


Who is Odysseus praying to?


Who is helping Odysseus?


Who did Athena favor?


Who is Odysseus mentor?


What does Athena do in The Odyssey?

Athena helps Odysseus defeat the suitors.

Who is Athena in the Odysseus and what promise does she give to Odysseus?

the blind prophet.

Who was the goddess that favored Odysseus?

Athena was the goddess that favored Odysseus

What is the relationship between odysseus and athena?

Odysseus and Athena have a close relationship throughout "The Odyssey". Athena acts as Odysseus' protector and helps him greatly throughout the course of the story because she sympathizes with him and wants him to get home safely.

Why does Athena want to help Odysseus get back home in the Odyssey?

Athena is the goddess of war and Odysseus was in the war. It is her responsibility to help him.

Why would Athena help Odysseus?

She was the goddess of heroes and she favored, Odysseus.

Which goddess helps Odysseus?

Athena helps Odysseus as well as Telemachus

Who is Odysseus' greatest ally?

The greatest ally of Odysseus was Athena.