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She wore a G STRINGGG:D

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Why did Athena wear gloden armor?

Because Athena was a goddess of war.

What did the greek Athena wear?

battle armor

What types of dresses did Athena wear?

She wore armor.

Does Athena wear a helmet?

Yes, for when Athena burst forth from the head of Zeus, she was arrayed in full battle armor.

What type of clothes does Athena wear?

She wore battle gear.

How do you dress like Athena?

You need to wear a blue dress

What does Athena wear when she is not wearing armor?

A full length chiton.

What does Athena wear or carry?

Athena or Minerva is generally shown with golden armor and a spear. The armor is considered impenetrable and the spear is the symbol of her warlike powers.

What kind of battle gear did Athena wear?

Athena is often depicted wearing her helmet, carrying Aegis (Zeus' shield he shares only with her), and the spear, her signature weapon.

Why Athena greek goddess doesn't like to wear her armor?

Athena is always spoken of in myths as being fully clothed in armor, so I'm not sure were this question came from.

What does Athena Greek goddess wear on her head?

A helmet because she is the Greek goddess of battle strategy.

What type of clothes did Athena wear?

She wore battle gear, so a Spartan tunic, a helmet, and a shield.

What does the Greek goddess Athena wear when she is not in battle?

It is said that she is always seen wearing armor and wearing a spear.

What did Athena the goddess of Wisdom and war wear?

She is often shown wearing a greek dress and a war helmet.

What is Greek for Athena?

the greek name for Athena is Athena or Athene.

Who was the the temple of Athena Nike for?

To honor Athena the Godess. To honor Athena the Godess.

What is Athena a goddess of?

Athena is the goddess of wisdom and warfare.

What did Pandora wear?

In Hesiod's Theogony, it was said that Athena dressed Pandora in a silver gown, an embroidered veil, garlands, and an crown of gold.

Was Athena in love?

Athena had no lover.

Who is older Athena or Aphrodite?


Who was older Athena or Hercules?


Who is stronger the phoenix or Athena?


What was Athena actions?

what is athena actions

How did Athena get the nickname Pallas Athena?

Athena and her companion Pallas were sparring with spears, when Athena accidently killed Pallas. As a sign of mourning for her lost friend, Athena placed Pallas' name in front of her ownher own: Pallas Athena.

What is the famous temple to Athena in the Acropolis?

The Parthenon, dedicated to Athena Parthenos = Athena virgin.

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