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The designation "BU" for any coin means "Bright Uncirculated".

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What is the value of a Morgan silver dollar 1921 bu?

1921 is by far the most common date for Morgan dollars -- current value is about $17.00

What does the bu stand for when about Morgan silver dollars?

The BU stands for Brilliant Uncirculated for all coins not just Morgans dollars.

What is the value of an BU 1878 CC Morgan Silver Dollar?

The BU designation does not mean much. It is best to have coins professionally graded. That being said, the Carson City silver dollars are a great mint and that is a good year. A "brilliant uncirculated" could mean a variety of grades, but should qualify for at least a MS60 and go up from there. An MS60 can fetch $210.00 and an MS65 can go for $1810.00 so you see, it's best to get the coin "slabbed," or graded by a professional grading service. This will cost about $100.00 and can be done through your local coin shop.

What does bu ke yi mean?

bu ke yi mean " cannot ". Bu mean "no".

What is the value of a 1901 Morgan D bu uncirculated?

The only year a Morgan was struck in Denver was 1921.

What does bu don mean in Chinese?

bu dong mean "I don't understand"

What does bu mean?


What does bu mean in Chinese?

Bu pretty much means don't. Ex. Wo Bu Xi Huan Mao.

What is value of BU silver penny sets?

The US has never made a one cent coin from silver. Zinc coated steel, not silver.

What does bu mean when listed after the year for purchasing a coin?

"BU" is an acronym for 'brilliant uncirculated.'

What does Ni hao ma bu hao bu hao mean?

'ni hao ma' means 'how are you' and 'bu hao' means 'not good'

What does bu bu mean in Korean?

"Boo boo", spelled "부부", refers to a "married couple".

What does PQ bu mean for grading coins?

PQ= Premium Quality. Bu= Brilliant Uncirculated.

11 bu 7 pk - 6 bu 9 pk?

Did you mean: 11 bu 7 ph - 6 by 9 pk

What is the translation in English about the word bu in Chinese?

I don't know what exactly charasters you mean by "bu". There are too many characters for "bu". Each has different meanings.

What is the value of a Canada penny 1964 BU?

Less than a dollar. 1964 is a common date.

What is mean by man nature interaction?

what do you mean bu man-intersection

What does bu bu mean?

Bu bu is somthing that comes out of your ass so its left over food or bu bu also means you have a bu bu like that you hurt yourself.There ya happy? Too many phrases in the Chinese language that phonetically sound like that, can be name or incomplete part of sentence. Need context to reply further. 1 possible phrase is 步步 bu(4) bu(4) --> every step or step by step

What is the value of a 1976 half dollar great condition?

in bu condition (uncirculated) about 1.50-3 dollars

What is the value of a Liberty head silver dollar with no dates tars all around in front and on back eagle that says one troy ounce of 999 fine silver?

that is a Silver Eagle, the us government sells them as 1OZ silver bullion. it is almost 100% silver. value depends on condition and date, right now silver is about $25.50 per ounce. so that coin is a MINIMUM of $25 at melt value. a 1996 silver eagle in BU (brilliant un-circulated) condition can go for $50+ while a 2003 eagle can co for $26

What does ca bu mean in the movie Twelve O'Clock High?

It is CAVU, not ca bu. CAVU is an acronym that stands for "ceiling and visibility unlimited".

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