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Barack obama has made the health care reform

i think that Barack Obama thinks that every one should have Health Care and in order for that to happen he must rase taxes! i think obama wants to help and he has to what he neeeds to get good health care for everyone that might need it

principly, the right to health care

The cast of Obama Reacts to Health Care Vote - 2010 includes: Jordan Peele as Barack Obama

During his presidency, Barack Obama did not solve many problems. However, he worked hard on a health care plan and immigration.

The ended war in Iraq and the passed health care reform are some of the accomplishments of Barack Obama.

barack obama view on health care that it would be better if he puts it to health insure affordable.... hoped it helpeedd..<3

Yes HE will!!!!!! he will lower it and keep insures from overpricing health care

Because President Barack Obama has screwed it all up.

Obama has predicted it will die on Capitol Hill. No it will not pass.

Obama's speech covered health care, economy, the war, education health care, economy, the war, and education.

President Barack Obama, and all of the Democratics

Obamacare as we know it now will impose a $3,800 tax on a family not covered by health insurance.

He has established a health care plan which covers more Americans and uses more tax dollars to do it.

He Has The Same Ones As Barack Obama. Which Are Better Health Care, End War In Iraq, and other things.

Several Presidents have proposed universal health care, including Theodore Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Richard Nixon and Barack Obama.

He is the first African American and passed the first health care reform

With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, the concept of pre-existing conditions as a determinant of health care insurance is no longer an issue. Thanks, Barack Obama!

He wanted to take care of the world.

President Obama is interested in providing health care for all citizens, so that no one has to suffer and go without. He is interested in working for world peace and social justice.

I don't care. Ask Barack Obama.

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