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What does CD ROM means?

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CD ROM Means compact disc read-only memory Compact Disc

2009-01-20 23:35:59
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Q: What does CD ROM means?
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Related Questions

Is the kodak photo cd a cd-rom?

Yes, A kodak CD is a CD-rom. Rom only means that it is read only memory meaning that you can not overwrite or erase the data on the disc.

What does CD-ROM stand for in computer language?

cd-rom means where hsert our disk

What is the difference between CD-ROM and CD-RW?

CD-ROM means "Compact Disc- Read Only Memory." CD-RW means "Compact Disc Re-Writable."

What is correct CD-rom?

CD rom means: Compact Disc-Read-Only MemoryIt's a disk that cannot be erased, only read.

Where is the CD rom needed?

what does the CD-ROM do

What is the disadvantages of CD-rom?

Memory holding capacity of CD-ROM is less and we can not rewrite the data in to the CD-ROM

What is the capacity for a CD-ROM?

the capacity of a cd-rom is 650MB.

Is CD-ROM is output device?

No CD-ROM means Compact Disc Read-Only Memory. CD-ROM is an input device. However, CD-RW (Compact Disc Read Write) is both a input and output device.

Can a DVD rom burn a CD?

"ROM" means "Read-Only Memory," so if it's a DVD-ROM, you won't be able to burn a CD. Any ROM drive only reads; it can't write.

Could you use your CD rom as a DVD rom?

A CD ROM drive cannot read a DVD. So it is not possible to use a CD ROM as a DVD ROM. A DVD ROM drive can work with a CD though.

What is the difference between CD and ROM?

CD = Compact Disk ROM = Read Only Memory Together CD-ROM means a compact disc made into a read only memory device. Rewritable cd's are not cd-roms as they are memory devices that can be rewrote to.

What device is used to take information from one CD rom to another CD rom?

CD-ROM burners

What are the two different forms of a CD -ROM?

The two types of CD-ROM are DVD&CD drives

What does C D ROM or read only memory mean?

CD stands for compact disc. ROM means it is not possible to write to the disc/memory. CD stands for compact disc. ROM means it is not possible to write to the disc/memory.

How do you boot a CD using a CD-ROM?

Modify the BIOS to boot from the CD

What is an CD-rom?

First of all it is not "an" CD Rom/ It's "a" CD Rom. CD Rom is a pre pressed compact disc that contains data accessible to but not writable by a computer for data storage and music play back.

What are the disadvantages of CD-rom?

some disadvantages of a CD-ROM are that it is easy to scratch the surface of the CD and it won't work properly after that

What is the name of the device used to take information from CD-ROM and write it to another CD-ROM?

CD Burner

What does a CD-Rom drive do?

it acesses the data on the CD ROM

CD not working on CD-ROM?

at start of computer strike F2 and for setup. Now you should tick the IDE CD ROM or IDE DVD ROM drive because it is sometime disabled by the computer and now enjoy your CD's and if this does not work ,may be your CD-ROM is not high enough to run that CD(e.g. 8x CD ROM)

What is the difference between a CD-ROM and a CD-ROM drive?

The same as the difference between a phonograph record and a phonograph. The CD-ROM is where the data is stored. the purpose of the CD-ROM drive is to read it.

Who developed CD Rom?

James Russell is the person who developed the CD Rom.

What has the author Ann Babits written?

Ann Babits has written: 'CD-ROM librarian index, 1986-1990' -- subject(s): CD-ROM, CD-ROM industry, CD-ROM librarian, Indexes, Periodicals

What is the function of the CD-ROM drive and DVD-ROM drive?

A CD ROM drive plays back CD ROMs, not DVDs, but DVD ROM drives can play both.

What do the letter CD-ROOM stand for?

It is CD-ROM and it means Compact Disc - Read Only Memory For DVD-ROM it is Digital Video Disc - Read Only Memory