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Q: What does CL mean on white gold bracelet?
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What does 18 kt cl means on jewelry?

Is a 18 kt cl real gold

What are the chemicals to mix to made gold metal liquid?

Propane and oxygen. Ignite them, then use the flame to melt the gold. You cannot make liquid gold at room temperature. no need to gold, but use of cl, So ,No, mean chlorine's sulphate dioxide nitric oxides

What is the ionic formula for gold chloride?

Formula: [Au3+][Cl-]3

What does CL in roman numerals mean?

C = 100 L = 50 CL = 150

Which is more covalent among Au Cl and Rb Cl?

Gold chloride AuCl. The electronegativivty difference (0.62) is less than in RbCl (2.34)

What is the Lewis structure for Cl2SO?

Cl -- S -- Cl ....... .......O Cl -- S -- Cl ....... .......O for some reason wiki is erasing the white spaces needed to format the bonds. ignore the periods as they are space holders. there is a double bond between the O and the S.

If a table salt Na Cl is formed when elements sodium Na and chlorine is Cl join list some properties of the compound Na Cl and the elements Na and Cl?

Salt (NaCl) is white, solid, salty, soluble in water, usually found in small granules, etc. Sodium (Na) is a silver/white, highly reactive alkali metal. Chlorine (Cl) is a greenish gas, and a halogen.

What does Cl mean on the periodic table?


What does CL mean in banking?

Classcified Loan

What does the letters cl in baking measurements mean?

cl = Centi litres There is 100 centi litres in a litre.

What does cL mean in math?

The abbreviation cL means centiliters/centilitres. One L (liter/litre) contains 100 cL (centiliters/centilitres)

How do you reset the malfunction indicator light in a 2001 Acura CL?

i have an acura cl 2001 what does the ! light on thr dashboard mean