What does C mean in total charge?


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C means co efficient

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If you mean a boron nucleus, the charge is +5.

It means that the total charge in a closed system doesn't change.

Not "change", but "charge". Conservation of charge means that the total charge in a closed system can't change.

Total charge means the ability about matter charge.

formal charges. formal charge of each C is 4-2-(6/2)=4-2-3=-1. so the total charge is -2

O has a charge of -2 and CO has a charge of 0 therefore C has a 2+ charge in CO

That means that in a closed system, the total amount of electrical charge won't change over time.

Capacitor (a passive electronic component). Or Coulomb (unit of electric charge).

It is the total charge an ion has.

what does like charge mean

The total electric charge is always zero.

find the total charge present on 1gm electron

A proton and an electron possess equal amount of charge (about 1.6e-19 C), except that a proton carries a positive charge and an electron, negative. Hence, the net charge is nil -- the atom is electrically neutral.

Carbon has +4 charge on it.Each Hydrogen got -1 charge.

No, c stands for the speed of light. The elementary charge is q.

The "C" stands for Coulombs. It is the standard unit of electric charge. It is the amount of charge transported by one amp in one second.

Merchant Total ... it is a monthly charge from your credit card processor for running Mastercard/Visa transactions.

Quantisation of charge means that a charged body has charge q equal to the integral multiple of elementary electronic charge e i.e., q = ±ne, where n = 1, 2, 3,...... and e = 1.6 x 10^-19 C.

The total charge would be +17 + (-10) = +7.

A lithium ion has a charge of +1

The total charge is always conserved.

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