What does Cache Memory Failure means and how can you fix the problem that has caused it?

This sounds like a problem with a piece of hardware (a cache memory chip), either on your motherboard, or on your hard drive's controller (a read-ahead buffering chip). Being hardware, you cannot ''fix it'', only replace the faulty chip. You can replace the cache memory chip if it's on your motherboard, though you'll have to: locate it, remove it, identify it, find a source, order a replacement chip, and reinstall the new chip without damaging it. Look for a shareware memory-testing utility, and run it on your computer. To test your hard drive, you might be able to download a trial version of SpinRite (http://www.grc.com/sr/spinrite.htm), put it on a bootable floppy, and see what kind of errors it finds on your hard drive's electronics. If the problem's in the hard drive's controller's cache chip, you could attempt to back-up the drive, then send it back to the manufacturer for repair. Hopefully the warranty is still good. If you are not computer hardware-handy. you should take your computer into a computer repair shop and have them diagnose and fix it.