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Canada mines uranium ( the largest provider of uranium in the world) a few other things are nickel,coal, iron ore, gold, diamonds, etc.

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When was Mine Workers' Union of Canada created?

Mine Workers' Union of Canada was created in 1925.

When did Mine Workers' Union of Canada end?

Mine Workers' Union of Canada ended in 1935.

Are there mines in Canada?

yes Canada dose mine

Where is lead found in Canada?

There are several lead mines that are located in Canada. Some of the lead mines are Nanisivik mine, Sullivan mine, and Brunswick 12 mine.

Where is the deepest mine in Canada?

Creighton mine Sudbury Ont. 7840ft

Why does Canada mine?

to make money

What does Copper Cliff mine?

The Copper Cliff Mine, near Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, is a nickel mine.

What parts of Canada is mining an important economic activity?

A lot of places in Canada mine things but I would guess Saskatchewan would depend a lot on it because they mine they most in Canada

Where is the largest gold mine located?


Do Canada mine have gold or diamonds?


What is the second deepest mine in Canada?

Kid creek mine in Timmins, Ontario

What is the largest gold mine in Canada?

detour lake

Why should people not mine in Canada?

every thing

How much does mine craft cost in Canada?

minecraft in canada is the same as minecraft in california it 26.95

How much are regular hamsters in Canada?

i got mine for 7.99$

Which is the biggest salt mine in the world?

Goderich ontario , Canada

What kind of minerals do they mine in the Northern Canada?

In the North West Territories we mine diamonds. Right now Canada is becoming a world power in diamond mining. We have 6 fully functional diamond mines and we also mine industrial diamonds which are just as good.

Where in the world can you find rubidium?

Examples: Tanco mine (Canada), Bernic Lake (Canada), Elba Island (Italy).

Does Canada have a Sovereign coin?

Yes they do. 'S over in THEIR pocket, NOT in mine...

How much is a lulu lemon head band?

i got mine for $12 in Canada.

In which provinces are diamonds found in Canada?

At least three major diamond mines are found in the Northwest Territories: The Ekati mine, the Snap Lake mine and the Diavik mine. You can read more about them, below.

Is it true the 2003 azteks sold in Canada have block heaters already installed?

mine does

How mu h is gta4?

in walmart Canada its maximum 50$ but i got mine for 45

Where are the 3 places were they mine diamonds?

Diamonds are mined in South Africa, Canada, and Australia.

Where can you find mineral in Canada and what did you find?

you could maybe go to a mine in Sud-bury..