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All i know is that my fathers initial enlistment,according to army records,was classified as D.E.M.L.It may be something similar to the national guard or reserves.The reason i say this is because he personaly mentioned to me thathe enlisted in the national guard.It may also have something to do with some type of homeland security since his duties had to do with "coast watching".This meant they kept watch of the coast of the Americas for submarines,ships,planes,etc..

Answer"Detached" personnel would refer to people who are members of one command but assigned duties with another unit.
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Can i go through the National Guard to be enlisted in the air National Guard?

The only way to be enlisted into any military branch of service is through a recruiter.

What is Military specialty 8294?

Need to know which branch of service as the codes are different, Officers codes are different from enlisted. Also codes do change over the years as the equipment changes.

What is the cutoff age for the army?

As of right now for a person who is Non-prior Service (never enlisted in any branch of service) the Army's cut off age is 42. However the age is set at 42 years old but the individual must leave for Basic Combat Training prior to the 42 Birthday. For a person who has Prior Service (has previously enlisted in a branch of service and holds a honorable discharge) there is a math mathematical equation that must be done to determine eligibility. It is based on the previous years of Active Federal Service and your current age. You must be able to retire by 62 years old.

What does a zoologist study?

zoology is the branch of biology pertaining to animal studies.

How do you military branch transfer?

From the enlisted ranks, you must wait until the expiration of your contract.

What branch of the military did David Berkowitz join?

He enlisted in the army from 1971 - 1974 and discharged honorably.

What does the 3 branches of government do pertaining to the United State government?

Legislative branch makes the laws. Executive branch enforces the laws. Judicial branch interprets the laws.

What comprises the executive branch?

The executive branch is composed of the President and his supporting staff. This includes the Cabinet which advises the President on matters pertaining to their agencies.

Can MRSA prevent a person from enlisting in the military?

More then likely the MEPS "Military Entrance Processing Station" will deny you to enlist and ask you to get all the medical documents pertaining to this. I would guess it would have to be taken care of "No LONGER HAVE IT" in order to enlist into any branch of service. More then likely the MEPS "Military Entrance Processing Station" will deny you to enlist and ask you to get all the medical documents pertaining to this. I would guess it would have to be taken care of "No LONGER HAVE IT" in order to enlist into any branch of service.

What is an etymological definition of logic?

'branch of philosophy that treats of forms of thinking' or 'pertaining to speaking or reasoning'

Would you have to go through marine basic training after the army?

Yes. All enlisted Marines must complete boot-camp and either school of infantry or Marine combat training, regardless of previous service in another branch.

What happens if a soldier refuse to go to basic training in the Michigan Army Reserve?

Depends. Are they prior enlisted or is this a new soldier? If they just enlisted and refuse to go to basic then they're just going to be cut loose. If they have already been in and have to go to basic again (changed branch of service or some other unique reason) it will be entirely case dependent as to what happens to them.

What is the axillary?

(anatomy) Of, pertaining to, or near the axilla or armpit. (botany) Placed or growing in the axis of a branch or leaf.

What us branch of service started first?

the legislative branch was the first branch of gov. made in 1787

Why does an 2nd lt out rank a warrant officer?

Because Warrant Officers fall right below the lowest Officer and right above the highest Enlisted serviceman. Warrant Officers are commissioned by the head of their branch of service. Officers are commissioned by the President of the US.

The internal revenue service is in which branch of the government?

The IRS is in the executive branch of the government.

Is NOAA a branch of military service?

No. The NOAA Commissioined Corps is a "uniformed service", but it is not a military service.

How do you spell in-service?

That is the correct spelling of "in-service" (done or applied within a military branch).

Branch of military service that Jefferson considered least threatening?

The branch of military service that Jefferson considered least threatening was the navy. He thought it was the branch that would be able to suppress Barbary states.

What branch of the federal government is the postal service under?

The branch of federal government the postal service is under is the Executive Branch. A post office was first created in 1792 made by Benjamin Franklin.

What branch of service was Steven Seagull in?

I can find no evience he was in any branch of the Armed Sevices.

What is the safest branch of military service?

It would have to be the air force all the enlisted personal do is fix planes,and all the officers do id stay back at base or fly jets. In the army your gonna be a bullet magnet for a few years. In the marines you have even suckier equipment.

What rank is Master Chief in Halo?

Master Chief is a Master Chief in the UNSC (A fictional branch of the military) and is the highest enlisted rank attainable.

Explain why some of the leaves may get detached from a tree if you vigorously shake its branch?

its due to inertia . leaves are in the state of rest with respect to the tree . when tree is shaken vigorously the leaves tend to remain at rest hence get detached from tree and fall off due o gravity.

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