What does Diffucult as the judgment of Paris mean?

"Difficult as the judgment of Paris" is a metaphor referring to a sub-myth from The Iliad. Paris, the prince of Troy who ldoes not know his identity and leads the life of a cowherd because a prophet told his parents to abandon him, is given a task by Zeus. At a goddess' wedding, Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite argue over who is the prettiest out of the three of them. Zeus, not wanting to decide, gives Paris, a random mortal, this task. It is very difficult for him to reach a decision, for all three of the goddesses bribe him. Athena offers wisdom and invincibility. Hera offers all of Asia. And Aphrodite offers him Helen, the beautiful Queen of Sparta. Although Paris chooses Aphrodite at the end, it was a very tough choice.