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Don't walk away when I'm trying to sell you something, spoiling or 'queering' my (sales) pitch.
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What does LIPS mean in pitching stats?

Answer . Late Inning Pressure Situations -- \nA situation in the seventh or later inning in which the score is tied, or one team leads by a run, or the tying run is on base, at the plate, or on deck; used to evaluate batting averages or pitching performance in key situations.

What does pitch mean in soccer?

The term pitch, when associated with soccer, means the soccerfield. Pitch is another term for the field where the game isplayed.

What is a queer?

The word queer has traditionally meant "strange" or "unusual," butcurrently it is also often used in reference to gay, bisexual,transgender, intersex, and asexual communities. Its usage iscontroversial and underwent substantial changes over the course ofthe 20th century. The term is still considered ( Full Answer )

What does queer mean?

"Queer" is a very stereotypical and slang term referring to someone (particularly a male) as being homosexual or gay. Answer 2: The term Queer is now also used for individuals whose sexual orientation does not fit into the norm and/or those who choose not to identify in the norm. In essence i ( Full Answer )

What does pitch mean in music?

P itch represents the perceived fundamental frequency of a sound. Pitch is the frequency of vibration that produces a musical note. Intuitively, Pitch refers to the highness or lowness of notes in the music. Pitch is one of the 3 major auditory attributes of sound: pitch (frequency), loudness (vol ( Full Answer )

What is the queer theory?

Queer theory grew out of several disciplines including philosophy,women's studies, and gay and lesbian studies. Queer theory isfounded in poststructuralism and postmodernism in the sense that ittakes up the ways in which sexuality and gender are sociallyconstructed rather than fixed or biological ca ( Full Answer )

What is a queer male?

\n. \n. \na queer male is like a gay......\n. \nA queer male basically implies a third gender male, that is a feminine gendered or an effeminate male.\n. \nAlthough, a queer male may be interested exclusively in women, a trait closely associated with a queer male is receptive anal sex.\n. \nIn ( Full Answer )

What rhymes with queer?

beer pier seer deer near. rear fear sheer peer. . cheer, clear, dear, gear, hear, here, jeer, leer, sear, shear, smear, sneer, spear, steer, tear, tier, veer, we're, year

What does 'pitch' mean?

It means how high or low the sound is. It also means the pitch you play on in football.

What does it mean to 'queer a text'?

Honestly, I think you mean "query" a text...as in ask questions of its basic assumptions. Actually no it doesn't mean "query" it means "queer!" To queer a text is to subject it to questions regarding identity formation, to "deconstruct" it, after Derrida, to reveal its inherent bias in regards ( Full Answer )

What does queer identified mean?

A lot of times people who don't necessarily fit into the three major categories: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, ..say that they are queer identified. A lot of people who are categorized by others as being bisexual consider themselves queer identified. And also gay men and lesbians who don't want to be labe ( Full Answer )

What does gender queer mean?

Refers to people who do not fit within the traditional 2 gender role of Male or Female. This may be someone who feels they have some of both genders or someone who feels they have no gender.

What does gender-queer mean?

Refers to people who do not fit within the traditional 2 gender role of Male or Female. This may be someone who feels they have some of both genders or someone who feels they have no gender.

Who is queer?

People who identify as queer are a range of people that include Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and intersex people, as well as asexuals and pansexual people.

What does pitch mean?

Pitch is a property of sound that varies with variation in the frequency of vibration. In music, pitch represents the perceived fundamental frequency of a sound. It is one of the three major auditory attributes of sounds along with loudness and timbre. Pitch is a tar-like material of various dark he ( Full Answer )

Why don't MLB pitchers pitch two nights in a row?

Generally starting pitchers don't pitch two nights in a row because the act of starting a game and pitching a standard amount of innings (5-8) is extremely taxing on the arm. Pitching two nights in a row for a starting pitcher can be very dangerous for their arm, and if they did start two nights in ( Full Answer )

If straight is defined as 'heterosexual' then why are Queer heterosexuals not included in it and if it means masculine regular guys then why are straight men who like men not included as 'straight'?

Wow, that is a mouthful! There is no such thing as straight men who like men, sexually. In which case, they are either bisexual or do not admit they are homosexual. The concept of a queer heterosexual brings forth images of the metrosexual man, a man who takes good care about his appearance, migh ( Full Answer )

What does pitches means?

In baseball, action starts when one player, called the pitcher, make a pitch, that is, throws the baseball towards the batter, who attempts to hit with his bat. "pitches" refers to the number of pitches made. Making pitches is tiring and the pitch count helps the manager or anyone else try to pred ( Full Answer )

How do you become queer?

If you are talking about sexual orientation, you cannot become queer. You are born with your orientation.

What is the meaning of pitched?

Well it can be the past tense form of the verb pitch , or throw the baseball. It sometimes means thrown out of a game as well.

What is a gender queer?

It's someone who does not feel internally that they identify with either gender. Sex is hard wired, gender is too. But just like you can get ambiguous genitalia and chromosomal abnormalities in sex typing, you can get people who just don't feel male or female. People are going to have ( Full Answer )

What does it mean to change pitch?

Pitch represents the perceived fundamental frequency of a sound.. It is one of the three major auditory attributes of sounds along with loudness and timbre.

What does the name queer mean?

Queer is a label people usually choose when they don't wish to define their sexuality in concrete ways. Queer was formerly a derogatory term, usually used for a gay man. Some homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, etc. people identify as queer in addition ot using another, more specific label.

What does it mean to pitch a heavy ball?

Some pitchers throw "hard" or "heavy". This simply means that the ball doesn't jump off the bat like normal. It just doesn't go as far and actually feels heavier.

What does the queer sign mean on the door in 'The Hobbit'?

After Bilbo shut the door on Gandalf, the wizard scratched some runes on the door. It was an indication that a burglar or treasure hunter lived there. Once Gandalf came for the unexpected party, he removed the mark.

What is a sentence with queer in it?

It's very queer how Mrs. Fenn has something borrowed to return whenever we have guests; I believe that she borrows something just for the purpose of returning it at the appropriate time.

Does the word queer mean sick?

No, it originally meant "unusual" and now it's most often used torefer to people who do not like traditional labels of sexualorientation.

When did queer start being used to mean gay?

In the late 19th Century. However, its undergoing another shift inmeaning (today it often refers to any non-heterosexual of any kind:gay, bi, intersex, pansexual, transgender, gender-nonconforming, asexual, etc.)

Does a man pinky ring mean a person is queer?

Don't believe everything you hear. I researched this thoroughly and the only thing that a pinky ring is to signify is that your dressing yourself without help. It was made specifically to give balance to your appearance. Most things like your handkerchief, watch and wedding band go on the left side ( Full Answer )

What are synonyms of queer?

Another Word For Queer Is Strange Or In A Different Case The Other Words Are, Gay, Homosexual, Poof,

What does pitch mean in speech?

For speech, as for music, pitch means the frequency of the sound your voice is producing. High frequencies produce a high-pitched voice, and low frequencies produce low-pitched voices. On average, women's voices are pitched about an octave higher than men's.

What is the meaning of the pitch?

A place (area) used to play games The sound of a musical note A process used by a sales person to sell good. To throw something (particularly with a pitch fork)

What is queering?

It is a verb form of the word queer, meaning to make more queer. Depending how it is used, it can be offensive. It can be a derogatory phrase for the increase of gay culture in an an environment and can be said like an accusation.

What is the meaning of pitch-?

The word pitch when used as a noun means a type of sound and the rate of vibrations producing the sound.

What does the acronym PITCH mean?

It is an annual sailing Regatta in Bellingham Washington but it hasto do with the size of the boats. I would like to know what exactlyit means.

What does pitch and tone mean?

In music: Pitch is the position of a sound in a range of sounds. Pitchis determined by the frequency of the sound, high pitch sounds havea higher frequency and low pitch sounds have a lower frequency. Youcan think of frequency as vibrations. Tone is determined bythe regularity of a sound's freq ( Full Answer )

What does the word pitch mean?

Pitch can be the level of a sound. Pitch can be a black resin that you use to waterproof a boat orroof. Pitch can be a description of being very dark (without light).

What does the pitch mean?

In music terminology the "pitch" actually means how high or low anote is played. The noun "pitch" has several different meanings. SPORTS It can refer to the playing field in games such as soccer,cricket, rugby, Gaelic football, and hurling. It can refer to the act of throwing a baseball , from a ( Full Answer )

What does a pitch mean?

pitch 1 . piCH/ noun . noun: pitch ; plural noun: pitches . 1 . . the quality of a sound governed by the rate of vibrationsproducing it; the degree of highness or lowness of a tone.. "a car engine seems to change pitch downward asthe vehicle passes you". synonyms:. tone, timbre, key, modu ( Full Answer )

What does sit pitch means?

Seat pitch is a technical term used by airlines, and refers tothe distance between the back of your seat and the back of the seat in front. Pitch includes not also your legs but the depth of the seatbackstructure and cushions, plus the tray table. The spelling is seatpitch, not sit pitch.