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What does Dziekuje mean in English?

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It means Thank you in polish

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What does dziekuje mean?

Thank You in polish

What does the Polish sentence nie obchodze urodzin ale dziekuje mean in English?

I don't celebrate my birthday (do not have a party, etc), but thank you (thank you for a card/wishes/remembering about that).

How do you say thanks in Polish?

Dzieki Dziekuje Dzienks

What is the latin word for enlightened?

Witam,dziekuje za buziaki

How do you spell thank you very much in Polish?

dziekuje bardzo

How to say thank you in polish?

Thank You in Polish is DZIEKUJE (jen-kooh-yeh)

How do you say thanks in polish language?

Dzięki - thanksDziękuję - thank youdziekuje :) - thanks :)

How do you say thank you for your lovely gift in polish?

dziekuje za twoj piekny prezent

How do you say 'you're thank you for listening in Polish?

Dziekuje ze sluchales mnie.

How do you say i am fine thanks in polish?

I can give you: 'I am good, thanks.'? Translation: Jestem dobry, Dziekuje.

How to say Thanksgiving in polish?

A: Polish word: Dziękuję. Phonetically you can say it: Jeng-KOO-ye. See:

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