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14 karat electroplate for jewlery
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What does PW 14k mean?

The PW hallmarking indicates Palladium white, an alternative towhite gold. The 14K indicates the purity of the alloy.

What does 14K GS mean?

No - it does not mean gold over silver at all. It means "gold-shelled" which is another way of indicating that it merely gold plated. The base metal is rarely silver (or the plating would probably be called vermeil and not be hallmarked GS) and is probably just inexpensive base metal(s).

What does 14K PG mean?

It is important to know the meanings of markings on jewelry, ittells us about its quality and its creator. 14K PG means 14 caratplumb gold.

What does 14K XL mean?

It is important to understand the markings on jewelry. 14K meansthat 14 of 24 parts are pure gold, XL is a measurement of size.

What does 14K GS mean on jewelry?

14k GS usually refers to gold over the silver. look for terms such as vermeill,or gold plated,filled etc. in this case the base metal is silver,in other cases it may be silvertone etc.

What does 14k pl mean?

In regards to jewelry, 14k pl means 14 karat gold plum. The plshows that the jewelry will be 100 percent 14 karat.

What does 14k gcj mean?

The stamp is a hallmark and indicates it is made of 14 karat gold and the GCJ stands for 'George Carter Jessop'. Some of our pieces can have a Jessop's or GCJ stamp. Although there could be other makers who exist who also use GCJ. Hope this helps you.

What does 14k yellow gold mean?

14 karat yellow gold is a gold mixture that is 58 percent gold.Silver and copper are then added to the gold in varying amounts toproduce the correct color.

What does 14K SG mean?

I'm not a jeweler or an expert, but, It means solid gold, where GS means gold over silver.

What does ch 14k mex mean?

CH 14K MEX probably means 14-karat gold-plated, made in Mexico. The CH could be an abbreviation for "chapa," meaning plate, metal sheet, or veneer.\n

What does 14k 385 on jewelry mean?

Please look closely at your jewelry item to see if it is "585" rather than "385". 14k is fourteen karat gold, and 585 is also fourteen karat gold, meaning that it is 58.5 percent pure gold, the remainder being alloy of other metals. 585 is most commonly seen on European made jewelry. And yes, you so ( Full Answer )

What does p 14k gold mean?

Not sure if the "p" was a slip in the typing but as for the 14k, I can help out there. The k would signify carat - 24 carat gold is pure gold but is very soft. So other metals are mixed into the gold to help harden it and prolong its life. Most likely the number will be stamped onto some part of t ( Full Answer )

What does cto 14k mean?

14 K refers to 14 carat gold, meaning 14 of 24 parts is pure gold.The cto can refer to the company O.C. Tanner jewelry Co.

What does 5180551 Italy 14k mean?

Italy is where the jewelry was made and 14k is the amount of caratsof the gold which is the same as purity. The number likely wasengraved and means something to the prior owner.

What does AK 14K gold mean?

The "AK" is Turkish for "altın kaplama," which means "gold-plated" in Turkey. 14K gold is 14 karat gold. So the item with the mark "AK 14K" is 14K gold-plated.

What does 14K CH mean on gold?

I believe it stands for Copper base metal with a Heavy gold coating, i recently bought a piece of jewelry marked exactly that and could see where the gold was lifting ,acid tested it and it went crazy. not solid gold avoid at all costs.

What does 14k lsc mean?

14k means 14 karat (carat in British English). lsc is probably the jeweler's mark. It doesn't have a particular meaning.

What does 14k on a gold ring mean?

It means that the item is gold and the purity of the gold is 14 parts out of 24 pure gold or about 58.5% pure gold

What does ob 14k mean?

Grandmas Platinum and sapphire bracelet looks priceless, but the OB 14k means that it is 14k gold "overband" or later known as electroplate or 14k GP for Gold Plated. Crushed i set out to prove that at least we had sapphires. Alas, a pin scratched the gem which should be second only to diamond in ha ( Full Answer )

What does 14k sd mean on a ring?

On a ring, the 14K SD stands for the karat and the maker of thering. The 14 K means 14 karat. The SD is usually the initial of themaker or the manufacturer.

What does 14k H.F.B. mean?

14k means it is 14k gold The HFB is the name of the company that made the piece. I have a locket with the same engraving mark and it is from H. F. Barrows & Co.

What does 14k ty mean?

I found this question in the Gold and Precious Metals category. The karat is a measure of the purity of gold alloys. Gold in its pure state has a melting point of 1945 degrees Fahrenheit. When alloyed with other base metals the melting temperature of the resulting alloy is changed. 18K yellow gold h ( Full Answer )

What does ''14k Italy'' mean on jewelry?

I would assume 14k refers to the karats - that is, the quality of the metal. And that Italy is the country where the jewelry was crafted.

What does this mean AK 14K Turkey?

AK is the stamp used by one of the leading jewelry manufacturers in Turkey. It stands for "Atasay Kuyumculuk". It proves that the item is Real 14K gold manufactured by Atasay Kuyumculuk in Turkey.

What does 14k gold unplated mean?

14K means 14/24, of 7/12, which is 58% gold. Unplated means that a) the jewelry is not simply plated with the 14K gold, but it is 14K gold through and through, and b) the 14K gold is not plated with anything else.

What does 14k f4 mean?

It stands for flat size 4. Flat is the style. It isn't rounded or beveled like most.

What does 14K TGP mean?

14kt gp just means its gold plated its not as valuable like real gold its basicly dipped in gold and 14 perecent of the metal is alloy

What does cc 14k mean?

normally the letters cc means carbon copy (not aimed for you but a copy sent to you as well) and 14k means 14 thousand. however in a gold market it most likely represents 14 carot gold. as each shop has a diffrent coding system though you are best off askign with the store to make certains

What does 14k gold PS mean?

Standard gold is 24 carat (100% pure gold with millesimal fineness 999), 22 carat or millesimal fineness 916, ie., 91.6% pure gold and the rest includes metals like copper and silver. 14k is 58.33% (millesimal fineness 583) purity gold. Gold is also sold in 18ct or millesimal fineness 750 (75% pure ( Full Answer )

What does 14k EMB mean on gold?

That is the name of the company who marketed fraternal pins made byCTO CTO) *JEWELRY TRADEMARK USED BY O.C. TANNER JEWELRY CO., SALTLAKE CITY, UT FOR FRATERNAL JEWELRY SINCE 1940

What does 14K IG Mexico mean?

It means your jewelry (ring, earring) is made of 14 karats gold and has a I-G (clarity, colorless) diamond.

What does 14k emb mean?

14k EMB means made of solid 14k gold and embossedor embedded with another matterial (enamel, gemstones...)

What does 14K AE mean?

there is an AE printed on the front of the clasp on my 14kybracelet, what does it mean?

What does 14k godg mean?

14k Gold Over Dental Gold. Dental gold is between 10K and 20K, frequently 16K. To make it hard enough for dental purposes, the other alloys are often platinum or paladium.

What is 14k TT on a ring mean?

If it is a vintage ring, it may be from the Traub company that madeengagements rings circa 1925 and marked their rings with a TT.

What does 14k bluebird mean on a ring?

it means your ring is 14k gold and the maker of the ring is Bluebird which is an antique late 1800's possibly ( my best guess).

What does 14k GG mean?

14K refers to 14K gold. The GG is most likely the makers mark (signifying who made the piece).

What does the oe mean in 14k OE?

You Only Live Once It came from the song The Motto by Drake. Now she wanna foddo u already knowdo you only live once that's the motto living YOLO.

What does 14k JCM mean?

On jewelry 14K JCM stands for both the makers mark and the karat.For example, 14K JCM stands for 14 karat and the maker would beJacmel.

What does 14k ls gold mean?

L S means the designer's initials. when a piece is not real it would have a GP next to the 10K,14K,18K,24K or it would say 950 PL which means gold plated silver. Either way it's always best to have appraised by a professional.

What is 14k RB mean?

RB means refined bullion and it's 14K (14 karot) so it's about 50%gold if i'm not mistaken..

What does 14k cc mean on a ring?

The "14K" indicates that the gold content is 14 karat - or about 58% gold with the remaining 42% comprised of other metals. The CC, in this case, is more than likely a maker's mark, or a craftsman's "signature."

What does arr 14k mean?

It's a makers mark from Turkey This is the company info: ARPAŞ İHRACAT İTHALAT VE PAZARLAMA A.Ş. Address : Gülsever Sok. NO:26 Merter 34169 İSTANBUL Tel : (+90 212) 641 36 15 Fax : (+90 212) 505 11 89 E-mail : marketing@arpas.com Products : Gold Watch, gold jewellery ( Full Answer )

What does gb-14k mean?

14K GB means 14K (G)old over (B)ase metal. 14k Italy stamped on jewelry means its real or fake

Does 14k in a ring mean its real?

If the stamp in your ring says 14KT then yes your ring is real gold. If your item doesn't look real or you have doubts you can always take it to a jewelry store to be checked out.