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What does Easter have to do with Jesus?

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  • The Encyclopædia Britannica comments: "There is no indication of the observance of the Easter festival in the New Testament, or in the writings of the apostolic Fathers. The sanctity of special times was an idea absent from the minds of the first Christians."---(1910), Vol. VIII, p. 828.
  • The Catholic Encyclopedia tells us: "A great many pagan customs, celebrating the return of spring, gravitated to Easter. The egg is the emblem of the germinating life of early spring. . . . The rabbit is a pagan symbol and has always been an emblem of fertility."---(1913), Vol. V, p. 227.
  • Nowhere does the Bible indicate that early Christians observed either a weekly Sunday or a yearly Easter to commemorate Christ's resurrection.
  • The night before he died, Christ ordered quite a different celebration. He served his disciples a simple meal of wine and bread and commanded them, "Keep doing this in remembrance of me."---Luke 22:19.
  • It was thus Christ's death, not his resurrection, that Jesus wanted memorialized. Jesus served this meal on the night of the Jewish Passover meal---a yearly celebration of Israel's deliverance from Egypt. (Matthew 26:19, 20, 26-28) Obviously, Jesus intended to replace the Passover with a yearly serving of this memorial meal. Neither Easter nor any other celebration was commanded by Christ.
  • From John's Gospel we learn that Jesus' body had to be quickly removed from the torture stake because the Passover was about to begin. The other Gospel accounts say that the Sabbath was about to begin (at sundown on Nisan the 14th). The prophecy was that the Messiah would die and then be raised on the third day. Christ died before the evening on which Passover/Sabbath was to begin and lay in the tomb for 2 nights, rising on the third.
  • Later, the leaders of Christendom's churches established the (un-scriptural) tradition of "Easter". (Of course, most of these traditions like bunnies, eggs, and candy, have absolutely nothing to do with Jesus.)

Christendom's teachings:

  • On "Good Friday", Jesus died on the cross. They (who?) said that in three days he would rise from the dead. On Sunday, a woman disciple of Jesus looked inside the burial tomb but Jesus' body was gone. Jehovah God resurrected him. Jesus' death freed us all from sin and death and so, every April 4 is a Sunday, Easter Sunday. (What???????)
  • Fact - This year - 2011 - April 4th is a Monday .... Easter Sunday 2011 does not occur until April 24.) And this year, 2013, it is celebrated on March 31st.
  • Easter has everything to do with Jesus. It is the celebration of His resurrection and victory over the grave. Jesus was born as the literal Son of God for a very specific and special purpose: to be a sacrifice for all mankind.
  • Due to the Fall of Adam and Eve, all God's spirit children born into mortality are fallen beings, separated from God by physical death because we sin and are imperfect. Through the sacrifice and Atonement of Jesus Christ, however, we have the opportunity to be cleansed from our sin and to also have the hope of being raised from the dead.
  • Before being crucified, Jesus Christ took upon himself the sins and infirmities of the world and of all humanity. He suffered every pain, sickness, loss, and trial that any human will ever go through on this earth. He did this so he could learn for himself how to succor his people. After taking upon himself the sins of the world, he was crucified and died for us all. As the literal Son of God, He was the only being capable of both taking upon himself all our sins and infirmities and willingly giving his life.
  • We believe Jesus was half God (immortal) and half man (mortal); thus, he had the power to keep his life, but also the ability to die. (Huh???) He chose to die, but he didn't really die because he is God, but by dying and by so doing, gained power over the grave, because he also had the power to take his body up again. (What????) After three days in the tomb, Jesus' father in heaven took up his body again, to never again part with it. But 1 Corinthians 15:44,50 says that there are no physical bodies in heaven because "flesh & blood cannot inherit God's heavenly kingdom". He is now a resurrected being, with his "body" and spirit making up an eternal soul. (Huh?) He gained the keys of death and of the grave, and gives us all the gift of being resurrected one day.
  • Thus, through the power of His Atonement, we have the opportunity to overcome both physical and spiritual death: physical death through resurrection and spiritual death through repentance and forgiveness. When we celebrate Easter, we celebrate both of these gifts. We celebrate that on the third day after His crucifixion, Christ's tomb was empty, because His body had been resurrected by his father. We also celebrate the gift he has given us and choose to repent from our sins and be cleansed and purified through his atoning sacrifice.Easter is a wonderful time to remember and be grateful that our Heavenly Father gave us the ultimate gift: the sacrifice of His SON, Jesus Christ, so that we may each return to live with Him again.
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How do you use the word resurrection in a sentence?

On Easter Sunday people celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.On Easter Sunday people celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.On Easter Sunday people celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.On Easter Sunday people celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.On Easter Sunday people celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.On Easter Sunday people celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.On Easter Sunday people celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.On Easter Sunday people celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.On Easter Sunday people celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.On Easter Sunday people celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.On Easter Sunday people celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

Was Jesus reserected on Easter?

Jesus rose from the dead on easter.

Did Jesus die or was He born on Easter?

Easter recognizes and celebrates Jesus' resurrection.

Who began Easter?

after jesus died, he was resurrected on easter. so i guess jesus did.

What gift did Jesus give us on Easter?

On Easter Jesus gave us salvation.

Is Jesus' birthday on Easter?

Not Jesus' Birthday: Jesus' resurrection is celebrated on Easter. His birthday is celebrated on Christmas Day.

What came first Jesus or Easter?


What comes at the end of Easter?

jesus jesus

Where did the name Easter come from?

easter come from jesus

When Jesus was born and when he died?

Jesus was born On December 25th and he died 3 days before Easter , He Resurrected on Easter . Easter and Christmas were not created until Jesus was born and then when he resurrected.

What happened to Jesus on Easter Sunday?

On Easter day Jesus Ressurected from the dead to show he was the Son of God.

Was Jesus born on Easter?

Jesus was born on Christmas and he died at least 20 years later on Easter.

Do sihks celebrate Easter?

no because they do not recognize Jesus as their savior. Easter is the celebration of Jesus' resurrection from the dead.

When did Easter start?

Easter starts when Jesus die for our sin

Who started Easter?

Jesus started Easter when he rose from the dead

What is special about Easter day?

Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus.

Why was Jesus reborn?

It was easter, everything comes back at easter.

What is the date Easter begin?

The first Easter was when Jesus was crucified.

How was Easter stared?

Easter was started after Jesus rose from the dead

The resurrection of Jesus Christ?

the resurrection of Jesus was on Easter

Who created Easter?


The origin of Easter?

Easter is symbolic of Jesus rising from the dead. In Christianity, when Jesus rose from the dead He overcame death.

What event in Jesus' life do we celebrate on Easter?

Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus, three days after his crucifixion.

How many Easter Sundays since Jesus died?

Since Jesus died, there have been 2011 Easter Sundays.

Which day did jesus arose Easter monday or Easter Sunday?

Jesus' resurrection was on the first day of the week, Sunday.