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What does Egypt look like now?


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they collect taxes like now and look after riches.

Houses in Egypt look really old and they are dirty.

Ancient farms in egypt looked like ancient farms n egypt

the crown of upper egypt is white the crown of lower egypt is red

hope this is what you want :)

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no. They have president's now. Like US

As fun as Ukraine right now.

old and Egypt words on it.

Prisms are different because they are not a triangular shape and pyramids are. If you think about it, in Ancient Egypt, how did the pyramids look like? Aha. NOW do you understand?

I'm studying this was deserty and lower Egypt it more mountainous..........hope this helps.........

no a sphinx does not look like a horse it has a head of a man and a lions body!!! its present in Egypt

I think it is like 2 people, or mabye 55

Ancient Egypt is very long ago and Egypt is a place in Africa now. Ancient Egypt was many years ago and Egypt is a country in Africa now Egypt now is better because Egypt now have a new generation can do something may be impossible with others

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no one kwons what he look like now . but hear is a pic of him when he was on degrassi.

Egypt is surrounded by beautifully built pyramids. It also has a lot of Egyptian Pharaoh statues. Egypt has alot of sand. Egypt has a lot of mountains and rivers.

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Traditionally leaders in Egypt were selected through blood lines. Now leaders in Egypt are elected democratically like in the United States.

look at old stuff like Egypt and paintings like the Madonna

what happened to pyramid of Egypt look like and does it stil exisit today

It is now known what North America look like 100 million years from now.

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