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Similar Err on my burned discHi, most likely it could be a home burned disc, or a dirty or scratched factory disc. I have had the same thing on a 98 Jetta with the same disc changer. I tried to put the disc into a different slot that worked, and swap locations with that disc in the same slot. If the new disc works in the ERR slot then it is the disc. ...
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โˆ™ 2011-10-18 22:20:44
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Q: What does Error-6 mean on the 1995 gti vr6 that has a stock 5 disk CD changer in the trunk?
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Does 1995 Toyota Corolla stock stereo have a CD changer port?

no they do not

Where is the stock amplifier located in a 1995 Cadillac Seville?

it is located in the trunk underneath the carpet

Where is the CD player located in the Volvo 960?

The CD changer was an option on the 1995 Volvo 960. If it is so equipped, the CD changer can be found in the trunk, bolted to the underside of the rear parcel shelf. On the wagon, it is under the right hand access panel in the cargo area.

Does a 1995 C280 Mercedes Benz have a CD player?

The 1995 C280 came with a tape player. There is an optional 6 disc CD changer that would be mounted on the inner side of the trunk if equipped. This was about a $700 option from the factory, only about 50% of c class' ended up with a CD changer. This part can also be dealer installed if not equipped from the factory.

Where is the amp located in a 1995 SC 400 Lexus?

You have to remove the CD changer in the trunk and under that is the amp and bracket, it's best to remove the amp with the bracket attached and naturally you have to disconnect the electrical plugs.

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Where is the 1995 Volvo CD changer?

My 1994 Volvo's CD changer is mounted in the trunk, under the rear deck, next to the trunk light. It's "hung" from the bottom of the rear window deck frame. It's probably in the same place on yours. I'm trying to find out what brand of cartridge those changers use. I've been told it can be either Pioneer or Alpine, but I don't know and I'm having trouble finding the answer. Is there a brand name on your changers cartridges?

Where is ecu for a 1995 Ford Thunderbird?

in the trunk

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There is no remote trunk release. You must get out and open it using the handle.

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How much horsepower does a 1995 stock 350 stock engine have?

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IN the tank, there is an access panel in the trunk.IN the tank, there is an access panel in the trunk.

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1995 geo trunk lid bulb

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I bought a new part for my 1995 Honda accord EX four trunk door but it still won't latch. Can you help?

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On my 1995 Ford Explorer XLT the CD changer is in the center console , yours should be the same or possibly under the drivers seat

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Check the trunk behind the lining.

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