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Q: What does Estou sempre as ordens mean in English?
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What does per sempre e mai mean in English?

It is Italian for "for ever and ever"

What does divisi ma sempre uniti mean in English?

divided but always united

What is the Portuguese 'Estou na aula' in English?

I'm in class is an English equivalent of 'Estou na aula'. The verb 'estou' means '[I] am'. The word 'na'combines the preposition 'em' and the feminine definite article 'a' to mean 'in the'. The feminine noun 'aula' means 'class'. All together, they're pronounced ee-shtoh nuh OW-*luh'.*The sound 'ow' is similar to the sound in the English adverb 'how'.

What does 'Sempre e per sempre' mean?

Always and forever

What does Como eu gostaria de te dizer o que estou pensando mean in English?

I wish I could tell you what I am thinking about

What does estou pensando na enchente que teve la em casa mean in English?

"I've been thinking about the flood that happened at home"

What does estou muito aborrecido me entreter mean?

muito aborrecido

What does fazendo mean?

Nao interessa o que estou fazendo

What does puto mean in Portuguese?

Estou puto da vida : I am very angry.

What is the Italian 'sempre staccato' in English?

'Always detached' is an English equivalent of 'sempre staccato'.The adverb 'sempre' means 'always'. The adjective 'staccato' comes from the masculine singular form of the past participle of the infinitive 'staccare'. It means 'detached'.Together, they're pronounced 'SEHM-preh stahk-KAH-toh'.The phrase is used in music to mean that each note is to last less than the time value shown on the music score.

What does eu estou pensando em voce tambem mean?

"Eu estou pensando em você também" (that's the way brazilians speak, portuguese people like me say "Também estou a pensar em ti") means "I'm also thinking of you".

What is the English translation of the Italian phrase 'sempre nel mio cuore'?

"Always in my heart" is an English equivalent of the Italian phrase Sempre nel mio cuore.Specifically, the adverb sempre means "always." The word nel combines the preposition in with the masculine singular definite article il to mean "in the." The masculine possessive adjective mio means "my." The masculine noun cuore means "heart."The pronunciation will be "SEHM-prey nehl MEE-oh KWOH-rey" in Italian.