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What does God stand for?

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Anyone in whom, or anything in which, you put all your trust. An easy answer to all our problems. A scape-goat to all our failures (character faults). Gives hope to a hopeless situation, which we caused in the first place.

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What does the colors of the Georgia flag stand for?

the crosses stand for god

What does ala stand for?


What does Sean stand for?

it mins a simbyl of god it mins a simbyl of god

What does poseiden stand for?

poseidon is the god of the sea so he is a water god

What does God in Hindu stand for?

God is the Creator of the Universe as the Hindus believe.

What should your Egyptian god stand for?

If you believe in a Egyptian god, your god or goddess should be one which you have faith in.

What does re the sun god stand for?


What does GMC stand for?

god made Chevy

Why do we have mince pies?

because they stand for god

What does gosh stand for?

Combination of God and Sh%$

What does the name Makayla stand for?

Resembles god

What does the name Daniel stand for?

God is my judge.

Hwta does omg stand for?

Oh My God

What does Zach stand for?

It means God remembers.

What does OGM stand for?

oh god man

What does the number 3 stand for on Dwyane Wade's jersey?

God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit!

Where was God standing when he created the universe?

God is a spirit being and as such has no need to stand on anything.

Do hindus stand kneel or bow their head to pray?

Not necessarily. Hindus stand in front of god when they are praying in a temple. They sit in front of god when they are praying at home.

What do the letters DG stand for on coins?

DG stand for Dei Gratia, Latin for "by the grace of God."

What Bible verses mention stand beside God?

In the King James version the phrase - stand beside God - does not appear at all the phrase - stand by God - does not appear at all 1 Sam 19:3 And I will go out and stand beside my father in the field where thou art, and I will commune with my father of thee; and what I see, that I will tell thee.

What does FROG stand for?

It stands for Fully Rely On God.

What does OMFG stand for?

Oh my fu**ing god

What does Shawn stand for?

Shawn means a gift from God

If god is with us who can stand against us?

No one. :)

What does wwgd stand for?

It stands for What Would God Do. -J.A.R.