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HYPOXEMIA- is a condition of having below normal oxygen level in the blod. this condition is less severy than anoxia

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Having below normal oxygen level in the blood?

Hypoxemia means having below normal oxygen levels in the blood.

Having below normal oxygen levels in the body tissues and cells?


The condtion of having below normal oxygen levels in the body tissues and cells is known as?


What is the root word of hypoxia?

Hypoxia: Hypo = below, ox = presence of oxygen "Below oxygen" or "below normal oxygen levels" Hypoxia means low tissue oxygen level. Or oxygen levels below normal in the tissues.

What is a c ondition of having below normal oxygen levels on the body tissues and cess is known as what?


What is the normal oxygen level in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease?

There is no "normal" oxygen level in COPD. Anything below 90% would be seen and COPD.

What is the normal oxygen level?

Normal oxygen level of the earth's atmosphere is 21.5%. An oxygen deficient atmosphere is anything below 19.5%. Oxygen enriched atmospheres are 22.5% or greater (explosion hazard in the emergency responder arena).

Is an oxygen level of 96 in a 4 year old normal?

That's slightly below normal, 97-100%.

What are sound waves with frequencies below the normal human range of hearing called?

sound waves with frequencies below the normal human range of hearung is called

What is is called when your body temperature falls below normal?


What do you call the heat of the body?

Corporal (or body) temperature. When it is above normal, it is called hyperthermia or fever and when it is below normal is called hypothermia.

What is an extended period of well below normal rainfall called?

It is a drought.

A below-average but otherwise normal heart rate is called?


What is it called when a persons body temperature falls far below normal?


Sound waves with frequencies below the normal human range of hearing are called?


What word means below normal?

Subnormal means below normal.

In a normal fault the part of the fault that lies below the other part is called the?

It's the footwall

Can you breath all the oxygen out of a room?

No. Normal O2 concentration is around 20%. Once the 02 concentration gets below about 18%, expect disorientation and confusion. Below about 16% expect fainting and unconsciousness. You will definitely die before you exchange all the oxygen for CO2.

Why is Hct below normal after giving birth?

Hematocrit is measures your bloods ability to carry oxygen. The less blood you have the less oxygen it can carry. You bleed about 350ml when you have a vaginal delivery. That is about the amount in a 12oz can of soda.

What is low oxygen blood level is 74 really bad?

A normal blood oxygen level should be 90 or above (90-99). Any level below 89 qualifies you for oxygen. 74 is low and it means your brain and body are not getting enough oxygen. You should be evaluated by a pulmonologist and you should be on oxygen.

A period when rainfall is far below normal?

Its called a draught, i think that's how its spelled. Silent "gh"

What is the medical term meaning low blood oxygen levels?

The term for decreased oxygen in the blood is hypoxemia. Related terms are ischemia (inadequate blood supply to an organ) which can lead to hypoxia (inadequate oxygen in the tissues). Hypoxemia leads to shortness of breath.HypoxaemiaThe term for reduced oxygen in the blood is hypoxemia.HypoxemiaHypoxiaThis means you are not breathing in enough oxygen. Be careful with blood oxygen because to much or not enough makes blood go acidic, which in turn can be fatalyou have to have oxygen in your blood if you have below normal it means you don't have the normal amount of oxygen in your blood

What is unsafe oxygen levels?

Unsafe oxygen level is below 90% oxygen saturation.

When glucose levels in the blood drop below normal the pancreas releases a hormone called glucagon.?

This is certainly true

Why does oxygen have a higher melting and boiling point than water?

It doesn't. Oxygen is already a gas at normal temperatures. Which means it's boiling point is way below that of water, as is the melting point. Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius. Oxygen boils at -183 degrees Celsius.