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In the story The Red Headed League Sherlock Holmes has been told the remarkable story of the League and done some initial research.

Back at Baker Street, he needs time to think hard about the mystery and says to Watson, "It is quite a three pipe problem, and I beg that you won't speak to me for fifty minutes."

In other words, he needs the time it takes to smoke three pipes in order to solve the mystery.

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Q: What does Holmes mean when he says it's a three pipe problem?
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What are three objects associated with Sherlock Holmes?

The main three would have to be: His deerstalker hat. His pipe. His violin.

What did Sherlock Holmes smoke?

Sherlock Holmes smoked shag tobacco, kept in the toe of a Persian slipper in his pipe. He kept his cigars in the coal-scuttle. He also smoked cigarettes on occasion. He called a very difficult challenge a 'three pipe problem.' More correctly Sherlock Holmes smoked "Black Shag", Shag is the cut of the tobacco. Others Holmes may have smoked as they are in a recreation of Holmes study in England- Arcadian Mixture, Birdseye (Watson's favorite) Odd one was Honeydew ( Irish Style) offered to Holmes by Susan Cushing. He often smoked cigarettes when out and about, and once in a while he smoked a cigar. The pipe was reserved for smoking at home.

What items does Holmes usually have with him?

A pipe for sure

What is Sherlock Holmes IQ?

190 Referrence: Radford, John (1999). Intelligence of Sherlock Holmes: And Other Three-pipe Problems. Sigma Forlag, Norway. ISBN 8-2791-6004-3.

Who is a famous detective who smoked a pipe and played the violin?

Sherlock Holmes

Famous detective who smoked a pipe and played the violin?

.... Sherlock Holmes

What kind of drugs did Sherlock Holmes use?

Cocaine, morphine and pipe tobacco.

Name a famous detective who smoked a pipe and played the violin?

Sherlock Holmes.

What are symbols of Sherlock Holmes?

the hat, the pipe, the magnifying lens, etc etc

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What three articles of attire are asscoicated with Sherlock Holmes?

Though none of them are mentioned in the text, Sherlock has become closely associated with the deerstalker cap and Inverness cape thanks to Sidney Paget's illustrations and a large, curved clay pipe due to the stage potrayal of Holmes by William Gillette

Where did Sherlock Holmes get his pipe?

Perhaps at the same tobacconist where Holmes gets his shag tobacco and Watson gets his cigarettes, the nearby Bradley's in Oxford Street. (The Hound of the Baskervilles)

Does Sherlock Holmes smoke his pipe?

Yes, he often smokes his pipe when thinking about a case. He smokes shag tobacco which is kept in a slipper on the mantel.

How do you use ruminatively in a sentence?

Holmes lit his pipe and sat quietly as he often did when he was ruminatively occupied.

What mean smls pipe?

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What actors and actresses appeared in Pipe Rock Goes Wild - 1926?

The cast of Pipe Rock Goes Wild - 1926 includes: Ben Corbett Gilbert Holmes

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What were Sherlock Holmes' 3 trademark possessions?

the deerstalker cap, Inverness cape, pipe and the magnifying glass.

What is the pipe called that detectives have in their mouth?

If you are referring to the style used by the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, it is a Meerschaum.

Can you send pipe tobacco to Spain from England?

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Costume of Sherlock Holmes?

Is quite incorrect. He was never described as wearing a deerstalker cap, just a cloth cap. The curvey calabash pipe is never described either; but was adapted by Holmes portrayer William Gillette, who wanted the pipe so that it would not marr his profile. Holmes would never wear his cap unless in the country or in disguise, otherwise he prefered a top-hat.

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What are the four personal possessions of Sherlock Holmes?

Pipe, magnifying glass, Persian slipper to keep tobacco in, and a revolver

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