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What does Honduras make?

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Honduras is known for making a variety of things, as evidenced by their national exports. Some of their biggest exports include bananas and shrimp.

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How much money does Honduras make a year?

How much money does Honduras make in 1 year

What are the aims and objectives of Honduras educational system?

To make super powerful state of Honduras)

What do they make in Honduras?

They make lots of wood products.

How do people in Honduras make money?


Where did the hurricane Mitch make landfall?

Honduras and then Florida.

How much a year does the President of Honduras make?

a Honduras president gets paid a max of 400.000 dollars a year or something like that don't ask me I'm not a scientist go to Honduras to see and find out

What does the Honduras hite bat make its tent out of?

The cow poo

Is the Honduras in Mexico?

Honduras is not in Mexico. Honduras is a country in central america. Honduras is near Mexico.

Are Honduras and British Honduras the same?

Hi, Honduras and British Honduras are different. British Honduras was the old name of what now we call Belize. And Honduras is still Honduras, the country above El Salvador, East from Nicaragua and West from Guatemala.

Is soldeu in Honduras?

no, it is not from honduras....

What is the tradition of Honduras?

What is two major religions in Honduras? What is two major religions in Honduras? What is two major religions in Honduras?

Is Honduras a democracy?

No, Honduras is a Republic.

What is the continent of Honduras?

what is the continent of Honduras

What is the religion of the Honduras?

What is the religion of the Honduras?

Which is bigger Honduras and Nicaragua?


What are the industeries in Honduras?

What are the industries in Honduras

What is the official name of Honduras?

It is " República de Honduras " (meaning Republic of Honduras = Depths).

What is the size in square miles Honduras?

Honduras (Republic of Honduras) - 43,278 square miles.

What kinds of transportation are there in Honduras?

someone:in Honduras there are airplane train then Honduras is not ghetto Honduras is not rich but some people think that Honduras is ghetto but it ain't ghetto do not jujde a book by the cover. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ryan's Answer! No offense but try to make your answer more understandable next time...It was like you started an argument with yourself about it not being ghetto. And most people travel by buses and taxi's in case you are still wondering!

Is Honduras rich or poor?

Honduras is poor

What kind of government does Honduras have?

Honduras has a Democracy.

What are names of deserts in Honduras?

Honduras has no deserts.

Is Honduras in Africa?

No. Honduras is in central America.

What population does Honduras have?

The population of Honduras is about 8,250,000.

How do you spell Honduras in french?

le Honduras