Horse Diet and Nutrition

What does Horse eat?

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grass and hay


Horses in the wild will eat grass with the dominant mare leading the herd to new grazing areas. Horses that are owned by people eat a variety of feeds, but these feeds can be broken up into three sections:

>Concentrate feed

>Hard feed

>Bulk feed

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What does the arabion horse eat?

What does the Arabian horse eat

What does a white horse eat?

a white horse eat hay and grass

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You are certainly not going to eat an entire horse. However, depending on where you live, it is not impossible that you will eat horse meat.

How many apples can a horse eat?

a horse can eat 5 and more apples

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No. A horse is a herbivore, so it can only eat plants.

How pounds of hay can a horse eat?

A overweight horse would eat about 20 pounds a day. A normal horse would eat 13 to 17 pounds a day. A under weight horse eat 5 to10 pounds a day.

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It is not illegal to eat horse meat. It is illegal to sell horse meat.

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They eat primarily hay, alfafalfa, and horse pellets. They can eat carrots, apples, and sugar cubes for snacks.

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because a horse needs teeth to be able to eat. if a horse has bad teeth then they find it hard to eat and if they dont eat anything they starve.

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NO!! Horses only eat horse food not beans Horse can in fact eat bean, but typically they do not as they must consume quite a bit of them for them to be of use to the horse.

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it all dependents how big is the horse what kind of horse is it what does the horse do

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How much or what dos a horse eat?

grass! horse feed and hay and haylage. A horse in a paddock will eat grass all day and horse feed quantities depend on the horse same as hay or haylage