What does I'll give myself to you for my sins against humanity mean?

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The phrase "sins against humanity" has become almost a cliche when describing events like the holocaust, environmental destruction, war and the like. The closest Biblical reference I could find was 1 Samuel 2:25. It seems to reference that God will judge you for your sins. To me, it is saying you can give yourself to God and repent.
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Why do humans sin?

It's likely that human action and behavior extend much farther back in time than the concept of "sin" itself. From this chronological point of view, the question may be rephrased as "Why have we imposed a concept of sin on what humans do?" (and have been likely doing all along...) So the question in ( Full Answer )

In the song 'Here I Am to Worship' what does it mean by 'I'll never know how much it cost to see my sin upon that cross'?

One Opinion . I always took that as I will never know how much my sins increased the amount that Christ had to suffer on the cross (vs. if I had not sinned) to obtain atonement for me.. Another Opinion . To me it means that I don't have any hope of understanding just how much suffering Christ ( Full Answer )

What does it mean by 'OK I'll bite'?

Someone made a statement that begs someone to ask for more information.. That someone responds "OK I'll bite" to imply that they know the person was setting them up to ask, but that they are willing to ask anyway.

Cheating is a sin against which commandment?

You shall not steal. You are getting a grade by taking your answers (or money or ..) when they are not yours to take, your neighbor (or friend or client or ..) owns that but if you take it (even if they keep the original as in answers) you are getting something for nothing by using someone else. ( Full Answer )

Sins against the eighth commandment?

The 8th Commandment is "do not steal2. We all know what that means and therfore don't rob the bank or shoplift in the supermarket. Where most of us need help is in the "gray" areas like income tax returns, lotteries and expense accounts.

What does sin mean?

From the Hebrew word chat-ta'th or Greek ha-mar-ti'a, which literally mean to "miss," in the sense of missing or not reaching any goal, way, mark, or right point. Therefore, sin is 'missing the mark' of perfection as defined and demonstrated by The Creator. Because of inherited imperfection, ( Full Answer )

Satanism is a sin against which commandment?

The question as written has the answer one. The first commandment. 2 I am the LORD thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. 3 Thou shalt have no other gods before me. 5 Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LOR ( Full Answer )

What do you do when you sin against God?

YOU do not go say lord please forgive me for my sin or sins lord and feel so bad no JESUS paid for are sins religion though changed that to get alote more information go to Andrew Wommack.ministries and watch the year 2008 the war is over we are in the new testament my BRethren stop struggling with ( Full Answer )

What are sins against god?

Sins are described in the book of law, the 10 commandments, furthermore the scriptures both before Jesus and after him are full of hints what are sins against god. Sins against god are such as: idolatry, adultery, fornication, lying etc . Answer: . The Bible's definition of sin: "Whosoever commit ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of sin against the holy spirit?

If one receives the Holy Spirit and has felt of its influence in their lives and then denies of its very existence, the person has committed what is called the unpardonable sin.

How do give myself a wedgie?

if u want a regular wedgie just pull on ur underwhere if u want a hanging wedgie find a high hook stand on something then put ur underwhere on the hook and jump off the thing ur standing on

What is the meaning of sinful?

if you use it like "You have done something sinful" it means you have done something wrong; Bad; a no-no[o.o] or if someone actually calls you sinful it means you have done bad things such as steal or something basically sin means a wrong sinful means it is wrong[NOT like right and wrong] or full of ( Full Answer )

What did Columbus Iselin mean when he said give a half a tanker of iron and I'll give you the next ice age?

Colombus Iselin was the name of the experiment/vessel. It is aquote by John Martin, the man behind the Iron Hypothesis. Martin'spoint in making the above statement was simply that, if true, theIron Hypothesis could make a difference to everyone alive, theworld over. It would take only a small amount ( Full Answer )

What do you mean by sin?

in most christian religions, it is all based on the seven deadly sins; Lust, envy, pride, gluttony, sloth, rage and wrath. Another answer: . More important is what the Bible means by "sin." The Greek word translated "sin" in the New Testament is hamartia, which means "to be without a share in; ( Full Answer )

What gives meaning and purpose to human life?

Well i am a Christian. I believe in 1 and only God. I believe that God has made us for a purpose. God states in Genesis, My creation is good. He says we are all beautiful, and created in him image. We all have a purpose, like some people's can be, sharing Gods glory by preaching in front of people, ( Full Answer )

Who said I'll give it a whirl?

Macaulay Culkin playing "Kevin McCallister" in "Home Alone" (1990). He said this line while responding to the supermarket clerk at the checkout in regards to a TV Dinner.

Is polygamy a sin against God?

Yes. . Answer: . In the strictest sense, polygamy is more of a sin against modern society. . Many of the "biblical heroes" had more than one wife (and a fair share of their wives' handmaids). However, these "heroes" were blessed by God with wealth and power... and could afford them. . God, Hims ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when she says I'll think about it?

she has a bf but kindda likes u or doesnt really want 2 go out with him anymore, her friend likes you, you not as popular as her, she likes you but doesnt wanna show that shes soooo happy cuz she doesnt know how much u like her, she thinks you might not really like her and just want a gf, or she lik ( Full Answer )

What sin against the first commandment?

Allowing anything else other than YHVH Elohenu (the Lord your God) to occupy the place of first and utmost in importance in your life (Their are two "ways" YHVH and your way...choose Yahweh and all else will be blessed) The source of your way can be found in the source of self lordship in Genesis 3: ( Full Answer )

The sin of envy is against what commandment?

The first one that comes to mind "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife; thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house, nor his field ... nor anything that is thy neighbor's." It's the 10th commandment. Covetousness is the sin of loving of the things of the world, and one of the ways this manif ( Full Answer )

I'll give you six for a nine?

this means someone is trying to trick you because six flipped around is a nine. so six for a nine means someone is being sneaky

What is the sin against the Holy Spirit?

Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven - not in this age or the age to come . Rejection of the word/work of God, and ascribing it to evil; i.e. to speak against the Holy Spirit [e.g. slander God], but doing it deliberately. It happens when you receive the knowledge of God, and all t ( Full Answer )

Is it possible for one to sin against God as sinning against other humans?

definitely, god created all man and expects you to be kind and care for each other as if its to him. A human being who is limited in power expects others to be kind with him while not exceeding his power limits. Our ability of being good towards each other means that we can be bad as well when w ( Full Answer )

What does 'I'll give it a lash' mean?

It's an Irish turn of phrase (maybe English also) which means I'll give it a proper good go - but also means it's not that huge a deal to accomplish - so it means, I'll make a good passionate effort but at the same it doesn't really matter - think it comes from lashing your horse to get a bit of ext ( Full Answer )

What is the sin against the third commandment?

" Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh His name in vain ." (Ex.20:7) Most people [created in God's image] fail to understand and realize how truly hallowed, sacred and righteous God's name is. In Jesus' "outline" for pra ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when a cat rubs its head against a humans head?

It means the cat likes you! When a cat rubs against you, it is marking you, saying that you are his/ hers. They have scent glands in there chin to put there scent on you. Don't push them away because that means (to them anyways) that you don't love them!

What does I'll keep that in mind mean?

"Keep in mind" or "Bear in mind" - means to consider the fact or to think of / remember a certain fact often when considering something else. For example: "Bear in mind that I can't run as fast as you", or "Keep your constituency in mind when you speak." This means one of two things A) you want to ( Full Answer )

What is definition of 'a sin against nature'?

The first encounter of the word "nature" in the KJV Bible, falls into a New Testament description of man's perversion of nature that we call, homosexuality: "...God gave them up unto vile affections : for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature : and lik ( Full Answer )

What sin against fifth commandments?

adultery is the fifth commandment . the punishment on that is that you will not go to heaven . god will not take place

What was Israel's sin against God?

They " transgressed " [broke] the Ten Commandments , which they promised God they would obey. This is the Bible's definition of sin: "... sin is the transgression of the law ." (I John 3:4) God had sanctified them [set them apart from all other nations for His holy purpose] to be an example to ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of sins?

In the Bible the meaning of sins is: to disobey the law God createdin the Ten Commandments in book of Exodus. The Bible also teachesthat all have sinned (Romans 3:23) and that the penalty of sin isseperation from God, but God sent Jesus, a perfect man and God'sonly son, to pay the penalty for sin by ( Full Answer )

Why does God sin against man?

A: We know that genocide is considered a grave sin, yet the Book of Joshua says that God told Joshua to commit genocide and assisted Joshua to do so, merely because he had chosen the Israelite people (or they had chosen him). We know that even murder is considered a sin, yet Acts chapter 5 says tha ( Full Answer )

Can you sin against someone?

St. Augustine defined sin as "a word, deed, or desire in opposition to the eternal law." Thus sin, by definition is against Someone - God.

Did Isaiah sin against god?

There appears to be no reference of Isaiah having sinned against God in the KJV of the bible. We must remember that no man in without sin. Perhaps in his younger days there was possibly some minor infringement of some law.

What is the sins against the fourth commandment?

THE SINS AGAINST THE FOURTH COMMANDMENT. Disobeying one's parents; hating, threatening, cursing, striking, or insulting them, being ashamed of them, wishing them evil, speaking or acting unkindly toward them, cursing them anger or sorrow.

Why must you sin against God?

Everyone is born with the nature to sin. That is what happened at the fall of man(read Genesis 2). Sin entered the world when Adam and Eve first sinned. Answer: Before we become aware... or are taught... of God -- we are first and foremost flesh and blood, which is selfish [self-serving]. Human ( Full Answer )

Is cheating a sin against God?

Yes, John 4:24 tells us that to be approved by God, we must worship him with truth and Proverbs 11:1 says: " The Lord detests dishonest scales, but accurate weights find favor with him." (NIV). At Hebrews 13:18 we learn that God expects his worshipers to '. ..have a good conscience, in all thing ( Full Answer )

Why do humans have to sin?

Humans do not have to sin, though it is in our nature (Romans3:23), except for Christ Jesus (1 Peter 2:22).

What is sin against reason?

Sin against reason is a tent of believers in philosophia doctrineand has nothing to do with Sin as defined in Christian doctrine(sin against our Fathers law as given to Moses and proclaimed byhis prophets as well as Christ and his apostles). Sin againstreason is based in the use of dialectics by bel ( Full Answer )

Sin means what?

Sin is an act that is seen as estrangement from God by doing thingsthat are not right before him.

How did the Israelites sin against God?

The " usual "way; by " breakingGod's Commandments ":. "for SIN IS THE TRANSGRESSION OF THE LAW ." (I John 3:4). Most folks aren't aware, and therefore don't really care they aredoing it. But the main difference with the nation of Israel wasthat God had entered into a " covenantrelationship with ( Full Answer )