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What does IRQ stand for?

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IRQ stands for Interrupt Request, which is a direct line to the Microprocessor and tells the Microprocessor to stop what it is doing and wait until it has further instructions. Every PC computer has a maximum of 15 IRQs that are prioritized according to the importance of the device.

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What does the term IRQ stand for?

IRQ stands for Interrupt Request.

What does IRQ stand for on a computer?

Interrupt Request

What IRQ does LPT2 use?

The default IRQ for LPT2 is IRQ 5.

What IRQ does COM2 use?

IRQ 3.

What is the IRQ for the floppy disk drive controller?

By default, the IRQ for the floppy disk controller is IRQ 6.

What is the standard IRQ setting for the keyboard?


What IRQ does LPT1 usually use?

IRQ 7.

What is the standard IRQ setting for LPT1?


How can you force PCI to not use the IRQ?

The PCI devices must all share at least one IRQ; ALL devices need an IRQ to be functional. XP and Vista will automatically assign all PCI devices to a single IRQ (IRQ 9) whenever possible.

List interrupts used with the IBM PC type sytems?

IRQ 0 - System timer. IRQ 1 - Keyboard. IRQ 2 - Cascaded signals from IRQs 8-15. IRQ 3 - COM2 (Default) and COM4 (User) serial ports IRQ 4 - COM1 (Default) and COM3 (User) serial ports IRQ 5 - LPT2 Parallel Port 2 or sound card IRQ 6 - Floppy disk controller IRQ 7 - LPT1 Parallel Port 1 or sound card (8-bit Sound Blaster and compatibles) IRQ 8 - Real time clock IRQ 9 - Free / Open interrupt / Available / SCSI. Any devices configured to use IRQ 2 will actually be using IRQ 9. IRQ 10 - Free IRQ 11 - Free IRQ 12 - PS/2 connector Mouse. IRQ 13 - ISA / Math Co-Processor IRQ 14 - Primary IDE. If no Primary IDE this can be changed IRQ 15 - Secondary IDE These are just a set of standard IRQs. For much more detail check our Ralf Brown's list located at

Which is the IRQ for the keyboard controller?

IRQ 1 is used exclusively for the keyboard controller.

What IRQ does a sound card use?

a sound card uses IRQ 5

Which two IRQ settings are connected together?

IRQ Ports 2 & 9 -Taylor

What is the Interrupt Request IRQ assigned to LPT1?

By default IRQ 7 is assigned to LPT1.

What is the standard IRQ setting for a math coprocessor?

What is the standard IRQ setting for a math coprocessor?

What is the address of COM2?

From:, IRQ 4, address: 3F8Com2, IRQ 3, address: 2F8Com3, IRQ 4, address: 3E8Com4, IRQ 3, address: 2E8

What IRQ does a monitor use?

None. Its the graphics card that uses an IRQ. The monitor is just a peripheral.

Which IO address is used by the COM2 port?

See the Related Links for the source of this answer.Com1, IRQ 4, address: 3F8Com2, IRQ 3, address: 2F8Com3, IRQ 4, address: 3E8Com4, IRQ 3, address: 2E8

What is IRQ 5?

This interrupt is the first choice that most sound cards make when looking for an IRQ setting.

What does an IRQ allow interface cards to do?

IRQ or interupt request : An IRQ allows a device to request certain system resources on priority. Normally, the system allowcates the different non-competing IRQ numbers to different devices. The system allocated IRQs may some times be manually changed. However, it may lead to serious IRQ conflicts resulting in a hung operating system.

What irq is used for the keyboard?

IRQ 1 is used for the standard plugged keyboard. USB and Wireless will use variable IRQ's

How many pins does an irq have?


What is the IRQ of the system timer?


Which IRQ has the highest priority?


If pci is attempting to use an irq that is used by a legacy isa device how can you force pci to not use the irq?

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