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It means its over!

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What does the phrase Im stone in love with you mean?


What is though mean?

nikka who caress? I Love You And Im On My Period Peace Love Sex And Drugs =) nikka who caress? I Love You And Im On My Period Peace Love Sex And Drugs =)

What does Tรกim i ngrรก leat mean?

I'm in love with you (in Irish).means im in love with you

What Song has the lyrics im in love im in love im in love with the...?

"It wasn't me" by Shaggy

Who sings im in love im in love im in love im in love with you?

If its I'm in love - Alex Gaudino then I'm glad to help. :) I like that song.

You love to rub your vagina does that mean im a lesbian?

No all females do it.

What does im falling for you mean?

it means your growing a lust or a love for that person

What does borosie mean in patois?

i love my mommys milk and im 23.

What does de l'amore mean?

'amore' means 'love' so im guessing it means 'the love' in Italian

What is the name of the goddest of love and beauty?

Im guessing you mean goddess and it was Aphrodite

Im 12 yrs im on the 6th grade and i like this girl who i really love i mean it it is not just like fake and stuff but shes the first person i have love out of family love we are great friends and im a?

Trust me im in high school and i still dont know what love is. Dont give your hopes up so young.

Im confused what's does having love for someone mean?

When you have love for someone it means you care a lot about them. It is more of a friendly love, not a romantic kind of love.

What does Yo soy en la amore conmigo mean?

"im in the love with myself" Makes no sense. If you want to say "im in love with myself" say "soy enamorado de mi"

What is a successful musical?

Bat Boy the musical Is awsome im only 10 years old and im in love with it!!!!!!(That does not mean its a childish plaY)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do i always dream that im tellin himi love him what does it mean?

Dont ask him out he wont like you

What does Lo siento que aprendo te quiero mean?

im sorry that i learned to love you

Why do you love KFC?

i love it because im Eduardo Martinez and im black

Will you love me when im angry will you love me when im bad will you love me when im so far gon that i might not come back?

If he/she truly loved you, the answer is yes.

Is it crazy to think you love someone when you're in fifth grade?

i dont think its crazy i mean, im in 5th grade and i love someone :)

Im giving a girl flowers that mean i love you and im sorry What all do i say to her when i give them to her?

Listen, we love flowers however they die and is not going to make up for what you did. what did you do? anyway, diamonds are a girls best friend..

How do you say im in love with you in Korean?

에 당신과 사랑에 메신저 = im in love with you

What male country singer sings a song with these lyrics in it Just take a drive it doesnt mean im done doesnt mean im givin up on us?

I think it's "It Doesn't Mean I Don't Love You" by McHayes:

What does it mean if you keep thinking about this boy all day and crying for him at nights i think im in love?

It obviously means that you love him. He got that one thing.

What does 906 stamp on a ring mean?

i think it mean( love u 4 evr )or some thing like that but im not sure>>> sory

How much do plankton weight?

plakton way idk sorry im in love im in love