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Judaism does not accept that Jesus was a prophet.

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Which one of the following elements is common to Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Zoroastrianis

No it doesn't. Hinduism is a Dharmic religion, whereas Judaism, Christianity, & Islam are all Abrahamic religions.

The common ancestor of the three religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam was Abraham

A:Islam and Christianity are derivatives of Judaism.

Judaism came before Christianity and Islam. Christianity and Islam came from Judaism.Judaism is about 1300 BCE.Christianity was founded in 33 CE.Islam was founded in 622 CE.

Judaism Christianity and Islam all are...Monotheistic Religions.

Christianity and Islam borrowed heavily from Judaism.

Islam --> Christianity --> Judaism.

Judaism: Torah Christianity: The Bible Islam: Quran

For Judaism and Christianity it is Jerusalem. For Islam it is Mecca.

The main inluences of islam are mainly found in Judaism and Christianity, Islam copied the best of Christianity and Judaism...

Judaism and Christianity started in Israel. Islam started in Saudi Arabia

Judaism and Christianity have the bulk of the old testament in common. However Islam draws some of its source material from biblical stories but re-interprets it, so it does not have anything in common in terms of the bible.

The question should be " What does Christianity have to do with Jews (or Judaism)?" Judaism is like a tree where Christianity is its branch and Islam is it leaves. Christianity is based on Judaism and Islam is based on Christianity. The major difference between the three is that Judaism doesn't have jesus in it unlike Christianity and Islam.

Judaism and Christianity started in Israel. Islam started in Saudi Arabia

Abraham is considered to be the father of nations of Judaism Christianity and Islam.

Islam and Christianity both have someone other than God or Allah to look up to (like Jesus or Muhammad PBUH). Judaism just has God.Islam and Christianity both recognize Jesus (in different ways).

Judaism: monotheistic. Islam: monotheistic.

Islam. It claims that it is the continuEation of Judaism and CHRISTIANITY

There is only One God in Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

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