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(K-6) stands for Kindergarten through 6th grades. K6 is the designation of a mountain in Pakistan.

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Q: What does K-6 stand for?
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The K6 is a microprocessor that was launched by AMD in 1997. The significance of this particular microprocessor is that it was designed to fit into existing Pentium desktop designs. What is more it was marketed as being a product which could perform as well as its Intel Pentium equivalent but at a significantly lower price. The K6 had a considerable impact on the PC market and presented Intel with serious competition. The AMD K6 is a Pentium-class microprocessor, manufactured by AMD, which superseded the K5. It was co-developed by Vinod Dahm, designer of the Pentium processor. The AMD K6 is based on the Nx686 microprocessor that NexGen was designing when it was acquired by AMD. NexGen had been intending to market this chip in its own socket, but AMD changed the design to fit the standard socket 7, added MMX support, and renamed it the K6. Despite the name implying a design evolving from the K5, it is in fact a totally different design that was created by the NexGen team and adapted after the AMD purchase. The K6 was originally launched running at speeds of 166 and 200 MHz in April 1997. It was followed by a 233 MHz version later in the summer of 1997. The release of the 266 MHz version of this chip was not until spring 1998 when AMD were able to move to the 0.25 micrometre manufacturing process. The final iteration of the K6 design was released in May 1998 running at 300 MHz and continued with the K6-2 and the K6-III. Initially, the AMD K6 processors used Pentium II Rating (PR2) to designate their speed. The PR2 rating was dropped because the rated frequency of the processor was the same as the real frequency. Many viewed the K6 and the acquisition of NexGen as the moment that AMD was put back into the Intel compatible processor market. The actual K6 AMD had been designing was rather weak compared to NexGen's design. With the buyout of NexGen, AMD was able to come back into the game with a processor that could perform competitively with Intel's Pentium II.

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K-6 stands for what?

K6 mainly refers to the six grade levels in the Kindergarten or elementary schooling. This stage is the starting point in educating the children. K6 also refers to primary education as is known in countries such as the UK, Australia, India and the Latin America.

What processors that requires dual voltages?

Pentium MMX, AMD K6, CYRIX M2

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K6 is confusing for the pet owner, because we have heard of the special force of K9 dogs in the police force. K6 has nothing to do with a class of pet. It is actually to do with chemistry in the animal, protein and genetics. Just keep in mind it's to do with genetics.

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Fits socket 7 boards.

Does K-6 refer to a dog?

K9 refers to a dog. K6 refers to a mountain in Pakistan

What computer board supports Windows 98 SE?

Windows 98 Second Addition ran on a number of different motherboards. The main thing was if the motherboard had drivers that would work under Windows 98. In some cases, Windows 95 or Windows ME drivers would be satisfactory substitutions. The main types of boards that supported Windows 98 SE were either Socket 7 (Intel Pentium and AMD K6, K6/2, K6/3) or Socket A (AMD Duron and Athlon).

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It probably means you are knit 6 stitches, purl 6 stitches

What does K-6 refer to?

It depends how it is used.In education, K-6 is pronounced "K through six" and means kindergarten through the sixth grade. It is always spelled with a dash.K6 with no dash can mean Highway 6 in Kansas, or the K6 pipe (geological formation) in Canada. It could be a type of heavy machine gun used in South Korea, an older AMD processor chip for computers, a type of telephone kiosk in the UK, or the Sonata in C (Mozart's 6th work for the keyboard and violin). It can even be a Soviet air to air missile. The (HMS) K6 is a British submarine.The K6, or Baltistan Peak in Pakistan, is a notable peak of the Masherbrum Mountains, a subrange of the Karakoram mountain range.The K6 microprocessor was launched by AMD in 1997. The main advantage of this particular microprocessor is that it was a socket 7 processor designed to fit into existing desktop designs for Pentium branded CPUs.

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K9 is only a abbreviation for "CA-NINE" which is a name for dogs; not a number letter classification.

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60 - 100 MHz according to the CompTIA A+ study guide

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Pentium mmx, amd k6. Internal and external operations.

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Changing the strings for the Cort k6 is just like any other electric guitar with a floating bridge such as floyd rose(R). The link below is a video i use as reference to change the strings on my k6. It's just part 1 of 4, follow up on the other parts of the video. Note: The video is just a path towards your clarification.It is taken by a professional, I do not own it . But I can assure you nothing will happen if you follow the instructions carefully.

What processors use Socket 7?

Socket 7 is used by the following processors: * Intel Pentium (75 MHz to 200 MHz) * Intel Pentium MMX (166 MHz to 233 MHz) * AMD K5 (75 MHz to 133 MHz) * AMD K6 (166 MHz to 300 MHz) * AMD K6-2 (233 MHz to 550 MHz) * AMD K6-III (350 MHz to 500 MHz) * WinChip (180 MHz to 250 MHz) * Cyrix 6x86 (100 MHz to 233 MHz) Note that most Socket 5 processors can also be used on a Socket 7 motherboard.