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What does Keep the books mean?


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It means that the books are valuable, teach you lessons, give you knowledgeable info.


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What books/films do you mean ? Many films are based on books, but many don't actually keep to the facts. I haven't seen avatar if that's what fim you mean but i know twilight doesn't keep to many facts.:)

Yes keep is present tensekeep kept keptKeep those books they are good.We kept the books that belonged to our grandfather.We have kept the books for years now and nobody has read them.

There are 4 doctrine books of mean!

Water Keep, Land Keep, and Air Keep.

Keep insects away from them.AnswerDust the books; freeze the books for a week or so; that will kill the current bugs and their larvae. Clean out the area where you keep the books, making sure that it is dry.

Books to us is wonderful. Actually it keeps us from having a imagination and to keep thinking on. Mostly books can be used to learn lessons which you should never do. Books can help you out the way. Something to just keep you open minded

i think books become old because people keep on kicking books and the libraries don't like it.

There is only one thing you can do to preserve the great books from the past. You can buy the books and keep them.

as we eat food to keep our body healthy like wise we read books to keep our mind strong and healthy

holy books are religions books. some religions books are like Gita, Torah, Quran, Bible.

I think you might mean bibliophobia - which is a fear of books. I think you might mean bibliophobia - which is a fear of books.

I'm not sure what you mean. Do you mean "are the characters in the books the same as the characters in the Movies? Yes

If you mean books, then there's 7 books in all. If you mean series there is only 1.

For some books, digitization has been a godsend to keep books in print. But not all authors have given permission.

Briefly explain type of secondary books?

I assume you mean a fear of books. This is Bibliophobia.

On the bracelets "keep it wet"mean keep your vagina wet. Keep it juicy .

If you mean earning money by writing a lot they could be a journalist or author of a book or books. If you mean personally they are a personable person and want to keep in contact on a more frequent basis.

Books usually mean books. Don't make things complicated.

Chegg allows some highlighting but prefers you don't write in the books. You have to keep in mind that these books are intended for multiple users.

what do it mean if i got to keep spiting alot

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It could mean one of the following: "Keep me informed" "Stay on top of it and keep me in the loop"

The website GoodReads allows you to make lists of books you have read and books that you want to read. It will also provide recommendations based on the books you have on these lists.

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