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Q: What does Kosovo militia insignia look like?
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What did the American militia look like?

Like this ;alkjfsadklfja;oijsdifj ;v dfvieuu fgiuftekdjf;aoifuasfbvasiduf

What do all of the Star Trek insignia pins look like?

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I look the weather sometimes but but idont see kosovo nowheer in the world maap why you dont put kosovo in ther because now kosovo is new land who is recognized from 57 countrys please dont forgot?

Probable reason is that no weather reporting stations in Kosovo, if any have been established, send their data to international reporting services. Can you contact any such weather offices in Kosovo ?

What did the coat of arms on ancient Rome's flag look like?

Ancient Rome did not have a flag as a nation. However the legions all had their own insignia and these were displayed in parades and triumphs.

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What does the Tec 5 rank insignia look like from World War 2?

It's essentially Corporal chevrons (two stripes), with a letter "T" underneath. See related link for a visual.

What do the symbols for the Norwegian resistance look like?

During WWII? The H7 royal insignia was a powerful symbol:

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What is the relationship with Serbia and Kosovo?

Kosovo is the province of Serbia,like Bavaria is the province of Germany.Kosovo is still a part of Serbia, but Albanians from Kosovo want Kosovo to become a republic...This problem started during 80's and 90's of XX century...At begining there were equal Serbs and Albanians on Kosovo, but Albanians started buying land from Serbians, and gave them much more money than in reality the land costs...So many Serbs left Kosovo to live in capitol Belgrade...When Serbian population fell off Albanians started attacking some Serbs in minority, and they had support of US and NATO...Today tensions are big, since Kosovars, or Kosovo Albanians want etnic clean Kosovo from Serbs...Problem for Serbs is they don't look in reality, they think of Kosovo as Holy land or Serbian Jerusalem, becuse there was battle between Turks and Serbs in Middle ages, that was begining of destruction of Serbian Medevill state, while for Albanians Kosovo is strategic important...That tension did not existed during Yugoslavia, but started when Yugoslavia broke apart, with revision of nationalism in every state of former country...Problem that nobody looks is, for Serbians Kosovo should not be important as Holy land, but as a land where part of their people live, a living people, and Albanians should not be so agresive and secesionistic...They all should live normal lives...

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