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What does MV stand for on a ship?

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RevisedM/V stands for Motor Vessel; it is the prefix that is used for ships with fuel-burning engines. The alternative is SS for steamships.

Note: When I worked for the Port of Houston, I was informed that M/V stood for "Maiden Voyage."...SherryKB

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What is mean by MV and MT for ships?

MV stand for motor vessel

What does 'SS' stand for in 'SS US'?

SS = Steam Ship, HMS = His Majesties Ship, RMS = Royal Mail Ship, MV = Motor Vessel, RV = Research Vessel, NS = Nuclear Ship

What does the RMS in RMS Titanic stand for?

An ordinary ship would be SS (Steam Ship) or MV (Motor Vessel). RMS is Royal Mail Ship -( not only a steam ship, a sailing vessel can be RMS as well ) It's a distinction because of the carriage of the mail.

What is MV as used before the name of a ship?

The Titantic

What does MV stand for?

Michael (john) Valkenburg :)

What does MV stand for grade of silver dollars?

No grade MV if you mean MS it stands for mint state, meaning the coin is in the same condition as when it was made at the mint. But the letters BV & MV stand for Bullion Value an Melt Value and are not grades.

What is the passenger capacity of a MV Silver Whisper?

The MV Silver Whisper is a cruise ship with a passenger capacity of 382. There are 295 crew members. The ship was built by the Mariotti Shipyard in Genoa, Italy.

Who is the captain of the Merchant Ship named MV Suez?

Robert MC lellan

When the first ship produce in cochin shipyard in which year?

MV Rani padmini is the first ship produced in cochin shipyard and it was in the year 1981

The name of South Africa's research and supply ship that visits Antarctica?

Mv sa agulhas

What do mv and RV stand for?

Manipulated Variable And Responding Variable Used Alot In Science

What does the MV in MV photon mean?

The MV in MV photon means megavolt

In marine terminology what does MS mean how is it different from MV?

In marine terminology, MS is a prefix meaning "motor ship" and the prefix MV means "motor vessel." The two are often used synonymously.

What is mv stand for?

mv (short for move) is a Unix command that moves one or more files or directories from one place to another. Since it can "move" files from one filename to another, it is also used to rename files. Using mv requires the user to have write permission for the directories which the file will move between. This is because mv changes the file's location by editing the file list of each directory.----Given the question is listed under history this could be"Motor Vessel" which is the offical designation of a ship powered by diesel or petrol engines. ie "MV McBob" replacing the SS for Steam Ships.

What is name of ship caused oil spill on the beach of Mumbai?

The MSC Chitra and MV Khalijia 3 collided causing the 2010 Mumbai oil spill. The MSC Chitra was the ship that was carrying the oil. Notably, the MV Khalijia had recently been involved in another collision in July.

Can you have the ship email address of MV Kumasi Julie Delmas nicholas Delmas and Delmas Keta?

In a ships name what does ss usns and HMS stand for?

This is what those terms stand for. SS stands for Steam Ship. USS stand for United State Ship. And HMS stands for His or Her Majesty's Ship.

MV LION Steam Ship?

MV = Motor Vessel SS = Steam Ship the P&O Normandy ferry MV Lion was powered by two Crossley Pielstick PC2 12V-400 medium speed diesel engines Steam heating (fuel - engines - hot water - accommodation) was supplied by a Clayton steam generator electricity generated by Rolls Royce "c" range diesels

What does MV stand for after a name Is it related to veterinary medicine?

For veterinarians it is, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M. or V.M.D.).

What does ms in front of a ships name mean?

MS Stands for "Motor Ship" and is interchangeable with the prefix "MV" or "Motor Vessle"

What does TSMV stand for in cruise ship?

twin screw motor ship

What does HMS stand for?

His/Her Majesty's Ship.

What do the initials USS stand for on a battle ship?

USS - United States Ship

What is HMS stand for?

Her Majesty's Ship or His Majesty's Ship (depending on the monarch at the time)

In Saudi Arabia what does HMS stand for?

If your talking about ship names then it would be either HIS Majesty's Ship or HER Majesty's Ship