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Net 10 means within 10 days of the date of invoice.

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Only if you were asked to find the mean to the nearest tenth. If so, don't round each number; calculate the mean first and then round it to the nearest tenth.

One-tenth of one's net income is given to tzedaka (charity).

Round the number to the nearest tenth.

That is the correct spelling of the ordinal number tenth(10th).It is also used to mean a fraction, one tenth (1/10).

It is already at the nearest tenth. If you mean the nearest ten, then it is 310.

price after taxes etc.

com= computer net= network

it was the year of the tenth centry

deci- is a tenth. Decimal, decimate, December (originally the tenth month)...

if you mean .05, then a tenth is .1 so it is twice as large as .05.

The net of a cube is a 2 dimensional representation of it.

Depending if you mean a dot or a comma: 4,846 rounded to its nearest tenth is 4850. 4.846 rounded to its nearest tenth is 0.

A net ball means that when a player hits their serve and it hits the net, then bounces in. That is when a net ball is called.

you have to hit the ball over the net and you cant grab or reach over or through the net

Back of the net (you mean as in football?): "In het net" is the best Dutch translation for it.

net worth is the money u get from a bank or a loan

If you mean a tenth book, yes, 'The Soldiers of Halla'. It's the battle for Third Earth.

Deci- means one tenth. A decimeter is one tenth of a meter.

If you mean a .net website, yes, they are safe. A .NET website is an internet provider. For example, COMCAST.NET

Net is short for network & com or comm is short for communication.

net banking mean in hindi khales benkari.

.01 The 0 is in the tenths place

314 is already at the nearest tenth. If you mean the nearest ten, then it is 310.

.NET is the framework that is used. The dot is part of .NET which is designed as a marketing name to be associated with the top-level domain .net

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