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System not draining, check behined front panel in lower left corner. drain water using the tube then open the bigger drain and clean out. If this doesnt solve the problem check drain pump by tilting on back and removing the pump front left corner

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Q: What does OE on an lg tromm washer mean?
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What is the most energy efficient washer?

The LG Electronics TROMM SteamWasher WM248#H was the most energy-efficient washer of 2008.

What does the fe error code for LG TROMM washer?

It means the THERMISTOR is faulty and most likely needs to be replaced

What does error code cl on lg tromm dryer mean?

CL is for child lock. Press and hold the dry level button for 3 seconds to toggle on an off

What does an LG combo include?

An LG combo can mean a variety of products. For example, if you are buying a washer and dryer that is from LG, both of these products would be the 'combo'.

How do you use LG tromm DD Inverter 10 kg FR1003WC3?

sir i have no manual of the front loading washing machine " LG tromm DD Inverter 10 kg FR1003WC2" , so i am in problem that how to use the machine , so pls send me the manuals in English language at my email address that is "", thanks

Where are LG washer dryers made?


What is the cost of a LG front load washer?

A front load washer from the brand LG can range in price from 799.99 dollars to 1499.99 dollars. Typically this varies on the size and performance of the washer and where you buy it from. This price range was from the official LG website.

What does it mean when they ask you what the model of your washer?

Your washer will have a manufacturer like LG or Maytag Then the there will be the kind of washer like a Neptune or Super wishy washy or a Number and letter combination. The kind of washer (Super wishy washy) is the model.

What is best washer dryer or washer?

Whirlpool or Maytag, Maytag especially. Anything but LG

What is the number one clothes washer?

Kenmore or LG

Where are LG washer and dryers manufactured?

Sweat shop.

How do you unlock door on lg front loading washer?

How do i unlock an GE heavy duty washer mashine after

What is the average price range for an LG washer?

The average price for an LG washer is around $250 or å£250. LG make good effective mashers and their brand is a popular one for the householder. They also come in different colors.

What brands offer an all in one washer and dryer?

LG, Ariston, Whirlpool, and Healer offer all-in one washer and dryers. LG's all in one washer and dryer has the highest user ratings and is considered the overall best all in one washer and dryer on the market.

What is the song played at the end of a LG washer cycle?

Schubert's "The Trout"

What does the LE error code mean on a lg washer?

The LE error code on the LG washing machines usually means:faulty hall sensorfaulty stator assemblybad connection to hall sensor and/or stator assembly

Best brand washer dryer?

Whirlpool or Maytag. Not LG. From experience, and family owning Maytags, us owning LG.

How many loads of laundry can a lg combo wash?

Assuming you mean an LG brand combo washer/dryer unit, the exact number is not specified on the manufacturers site, however they do boast a long lasting appliance.

What is a good high capicity washer?

LG makes good quality washers

What song is played during the LG steam washer commercial?

The song used in the LG steam washer commercial appears to be a vocal-less portion of Jens Lekman's "A Sweet Summer's Night on Hammer Hill" Answer II This is the case for the blue refresh Lg washers.

Does an LG washer dryer combo get your clothes clean?

Yes, the LG Washer is large, but it is very strong as well. It has a large capacity so you can fit more in there. If you use a good soap/cleaner, then yes, the LG Washing machiine combo will definitely get your clothes clean.

Who makes a steam washer and dryer combo?

GE, Kenmore, LG and Whirlpool all make steam washer/dryer combos.

Where can one buy an LG washer dryer combo?

LG is a very popular brand of washer and dryer combination. They can be usually purchased at any store that sells furniture. Examples would be Sears, the Brick or Leons.

What is the best washer and dryer out there?

Whirlpool or Maytag. Not LG. Family/friends own reliable Maytags, our LG died as soon as warranty expired.

How is the performance of the lg washer?

LG washer are amazing they work as well as they say, plus they are pretty...but they are pricey, and some washers & dryers work just as well for less...this means you will hav 2 sacrifice the prettiness though