William Shakespeare

What does O pardon me thou bleeding piece of earth that you are meek and gentle with these butchers mean?


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it is from "Julius Caesar", a play by Shakespeare

it is the beginning of a famous monologue, which comes before another, even more famous monologue

Marc Antony gives this monologue to Caesar's body

it means that he is sorry that he is simply talking to the conspirators who killed Ceasar.

He was Caesar's right hand man, a general of the roman army, and rumored to have been Caesar's lover. The speech he gives following this turns the crowd to his side. You probably have heard the beginning of this one too, it starts off: FRIENDS, ROMANS, Countrymen, lend me your ears!

anyway so that's what it means

he is sorry that he is not immediately avenging Caesar, and that he is merely talking to them immediately after killing Caesar.