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payPennsylvania pays about 48,780 dollars a year and in training they pay about 1,079 every two weeks.
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Q: What does Pennsylvania pay for being a police officer?
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The average salary of a police officer in Puerto Rico?

What is the average pay for police officer puerto rico

What is the weekly pay for a police officer?


Does a security career pay less than a police career?

Yes a security officer will definitely pay less than a police officer. As a security officer you are not required to get your criminal justice degree; however becoming a police officer requires one.

What is the starting pay for a police officer in santa maria ca?

Starting pay for a California police officer can range from $70000 all the way to $90000. Pay depends on county and city.

What is the average pay of a police officer in the U.S.?

about $57,770 in the USA.

What is the salary for a Crime scence investigator in New Jersey?

not much. you could get better pay from being a police officer. not gonna lie.

What does Boston police officer make?

Max base pay is $70000.

How much pay does a conservation police officer get in Virginia?

Not Enough LOL

Is it legal for a police officer ot force you to pay for a ticket before your court date?

No police Officer has the power to make you pay a ticket before the court date. I happen to be a police Officer. When a Police Officer writes you a traffic citation he will give you a Court date that you are suppose to attend to prove your innocence. If you choose not to attend court you have the option to pay the fine. Paying the fine before your court date basically is saying that you are guilty. If the officer tells you to just pay the fine reason being is that he either has a weak case against you or he wont show up to court. Now for Example if you plea not guilty in court the Judge will give you another court date to attend in which the officer will be given a subpoena to testify against you. If the Officer does not show up in court the case will be dismissed.

Why is it important to pay attention to detail as a police officer?

Details are what matter the most.

What is the penalty for faking being a police officer?

It is always up to the judge but usually you will pay some time in jail or if you are lucky the judge might just give you a slap on your wrist and make you do community service. But im pretty sure that pretending you are a police officer is a felony.

You were involved in an auto accident with a police officer?

The fact that they were a police officer has little to do with the accident unless they had their lights on and were responding to a call. Otherwise, fault will pay for damages. That's all.

What is the salary of a police officer in florida?

The base salary of a police officer in Florida is $25,000. Various cities and counties may have different pay scales. This salary will go up the longer someone is with the police force.

How much does a police officer make a day?

This depends on rank and country; the pay scale for police workers is extremely varied.

What is the average pay of a police officer?

well, it depends. in the 50,000's per year

What is starting pay of a larchmont ny police officer?

48,000 starting 101,000 topped out

What are the working conditions of a police officer?

Long hours, low pay and lack of recognition.

How much does a police officer make in Maine?

The starting pay for a police officer is around 37,000 but can go up into 42,000. After there 5th year they will start to make 42,000 up to 47,000

Why become a police officer?

It has job security and descent pay, but the real reason is to Protect and Serve.

What is the salary for a police community support officer?

for a training police community officer the salary would be about $37,151 i don't know for sure but it does say that they do have pay rise! so those of you who want to be a police community officer don't delay in making such a right and truthful decision! i am proud of you! GOOD LUCK!!!.................. TO ALL OF YOU!!!

What are disadvantages of being a police officer?

1. The job involves lots of danger 2. The pay 3. constantly rotating tours of duty 4. High psychological and physical stress

Why does a police officer retire at 50 years old?

Police officers in the United States can opt to retire with 20 years of service for half pay.

Can a police officer give a parking ticket on private property in a gated apartment complex in Texas?

If the property holder gives the police department access to the community for security reasons, the police officer can conduct himself as if he was on patrol in a public neighborhood. Pay the ticket.

How much do you get paid to work as a cop?

the pay for a police officer depends on the department that you are working for. usually the bigger the city the more the pay. Or the more crime that city has the more police officers are needed so to get officers to want to work there, the pay will be greater

Name a job in which the pay is too low for how dangerous it is?

police officer, construction worker, firefighter, window washer

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