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Are Pikachu good to eat?

Pikachu aren't real, and there's no way to eat them in the game, so no.(ok i don't know who did that but oh well)OK YOU CAN NOT EAT PIKACHU BECAUSE

What does Pikachu eat for breakfast?


What do snake eagles eat?


What does Pikachu like to eat?


How did they treat dysentery?

Eat a pikachu and use thunder

Why doesn't meowth just eat Pikachu?

That means that meowth would have to win the battle, for once. And besides, pikachu knows thunderbolt, that would hurt. And he wants to give pikachu to the boss, which he can't do if he eats pikachu.

How do you get to Fallarbor town in emerald?

tell you pikachu to eat a ****** kiwi.

What episode does pikachu eat an electric Pokemon food and gets crazy with eat?

Episode 125!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What to do after you defeat team magma's boss in emerald?

tell pikachu to eat a kiwi

How do you get through the maze in Pokemon platinum?

you eat it if your hungy if not then use your blob of pikachu

What kind of pokeblock does Pikachu like to eat in Pokemon Emerald?

That will depend on its nature not what kind of pokemon it is. Test out each color until the dialogue says that the pikachu liked it.

How do mirrors reverse things?

well if u ride a skateboard go eat pikachu

Will Pikachu cry if he cannot eat pizza?

yes and would evolve into Raichu. why be mean to her?

How do you get Pikachu to love you in Pokemon Pikachu version?

If you walk around with it alot it should love you.or feed it lots of rare candys its a lie she or he is wrong you can only eat rare candies

What animals eat ghost pepper?

Wild Pikachu and Raichu eat these things, to boost PP and HP, also it has been known for a Mew to eat the peppers also.

What kind of pokeblock does Pikachu like to eat in Pokemon Sapphire?

This depends on the pokemon's nature, not the species.



How do you breed a pikachu?

A male pikachu can breed with a ditto or a female pikachu

Where to find pikachu 2?

There isn't such a thing as Pikachu 2. There's Pichu, Pikachu and Raichu, not Pikachu 2.

HOW TO BReed pikachu?

To breed Pikachu you need to leave a male Pikachu and a female Pikachu (or a Ditto and a Pikachu) at a daycare. If you wait a while, the female will be holding an egg.

What evolves from pikachu?

Pichu evolves from pikachu than pikachu evolves from raichu.

Why did ash kill Pikachu?

Ash kill Pikachu because Pikachu is useless.

Does Rayquaza eat pikachu in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl 3 the dogs revenge?

there is no such thing as that but u can dream

Who is better Pikachu or piloswine?


Does Pichu evolve into Pikachu?

Yes. Pichu evolves into pikachu, and then pikachu evolves into a raichu.