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It means a Quick out (3 pitches or less)

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What does a Q stand for in baseball?

I have played baseball and coached baseball for over 45 years and I have NEVER seen a Q in baseball.

What is Q and A?

AnswerQ & A mean Questions and Answers.

What does the Q sign mean in baseball?

The only Q I know for baseball is the Q in QS meaning quality start... a quality start is any outing in which a starting pitcher throws 6 or more innings and gives up 3 earned runs or less... that's the only Q I know of? It means a Quick out (3 pitches or less)

What does p over q mean in algebra?

P! / q!(p-q)!

What does 5 N in a Q mean?


What does the Q in Maggie Q mean?

Q stands for the full family name Quigley

What does PO q mean?

PO-by mouth q-every

What does p over q mean?

p divided by q.

What does it mean Q west AL Quay ARA?

"What does it mean Q west AL Quay ARA?"

In the equation Q 12 equals 89 what is the value of Q?

Do you mean 12Q = 89? Q = 89/12 Q = 7.4166666666666666666666

What does this mean - 100 Q in this Q?

There are 100 questions in this quiz.

What does q mean on rx?

Type your answer here... q means "every"

What does the symbol q mean in chemistry?

There is no q symbol in the periodic table of elements. q means heat

What does Q mean in a prescription?

Q or q means "every" or "each"q.d. means "every day"

What does q mean in a text slang?

the person either hit the Q button or its a tongue like :q

What does Q and A mean?

Question and Answer

What is Q and A mean?

Question and Answer.

Whats a baseball word for q?


What does q day mean when taking medication?

q = every (as in q 8 hours)

What does Q mean in Blooregard Q kazoo?

the Q Proberbly stands for a name but could also gust be his or her name

What does q mean in the equation q equals ml?

amount of heat energy

What does the Q in Q-tip mean?

It stands for quality.Q, means Q-tip, because it is an easier short-form of the word.quilted

What does hallmark q mean on a ring?

Hello there have you found out what the Q means as i also have a ring with a Q hallmark? Many Thanks

What is q in roman numerals?

Q isn't a number in Roman Numerals, but if you mean "What is q in the Roman Alphabet?", then I don't know.

What does A and Q mean at

Answer and question...