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What does SOS mean in internet slang?


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SOS or soz as it is more commonly used is the internet slang for sorry

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it means talk to you later in internet slang

If you mean slang as in internet slang, then it means "Certified Old Fart".

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In internet slang it usually means "No strings attached."

YAF means in internet slang your a f*ck

For internet slang; TAI = Think About It

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Rolling on the floor laughing my A** off.

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The Internet Slang Website, which is dedicated to providing explanations for many common Internet slang terms and acronyms, has recorded the meaning of 'S2S' as being short for 'Sorry To Say'. It can also mean 'Safe To Say'.

L8r is the abbreviation and internet slang form of later. Later is a slang way to say goodbye. later

it is not internet slag even though it is used on the internet, it simply refers to the meaning mate or friend.

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