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What does SO mean in baseball stats?


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many people think its strikeouts but thats wrong.


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No such category in baseball.

it means afternoon games

"SH" stands for "sacrifice hit."

OBP stands for On Base Percentage

most likely game or games.

It means the batter line out to the right fielder.

GDP-Grounded into Double Play -imzy.

It means a wild pitch thrown by a pitcher.

A pop fly put to the third baseman.

Batted in, but its normally RBI - Runs Batted In

Runs batted in and on base percentage.

IBB in baseball terms means Intentional Base on Balls issued to a batter.

It stands for "nasty factor" - on MLB.COM anyway.

E is for error as drooped or didn't hit the ball

OPS stands for on base percentage + slugging percentage.

There is no 'BO' in baseball statistics that I know about. My guess it though that you took the 'C' off of 'CBO' thinking it meant 'complete', so you just asked about the 'BO' part of it. CBO stands for 'Combined Shutout'.

Combined Shutout. Shutout using 2 or more pitchers.

The baseball stat WC means Wild Card as how many games back in the league race a team is.

It refers to hits allowed per nine innings pitched.

do you mean,"what do the number of beads on a rosary have in common with a baseball?" if so, the answer is "nothing". thank you.

It is a ball that the batter hits on the ground. Contrary to a fly ball that is hit in the air.

There is no such stat. If you're seeing it on a stat sheet, it may refer to some kind of "total."

It could mean a strike out by a called third strike, but that is usually signified by a reverse K.

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