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Shortstop, a position on the infield.


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SS stands for Shortstop, one of the eight defensive positions (less the pitcher) on a baseball team.

In the case of ships SS stands for steamship.

Schutzstaffel (Protection Unit)

The ss stands for steamship.

SS stands for scout sniper

I do not believe there is an "RE" statistic in baseball. There is an "ER" stats and that refers to "Earned Runs".

In terms of how a professional, minor league baseball franchise is designated, "SS" stands for "Short Season". This is due to the abbreviated season these type of minor league teams take part in. When referring to position abbreviations in baseball, "SS" means Short Stop. The defensive position on the field between second and third base

SB means stolen bases in softball and baseball stats.

On-Base Plus Slugging (Percentage)

G - Games - played or appeared in.

This is what those terms stand for. SS stands for Steam Ship. USS stand for United State Ship. And HMS stands for His or Her Majesty's Ship.

gs I assume, means games started

The abbreviation SF stands for Sacrifice Flies.

SS stands for "Schutzstaffel" (English Translation: "Protective Echelon")

It stands for steam ship.

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