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Valentines day was named after Saint Valentine.

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Valentines day is named after Saint Valentine

It was named after Saint Valentine.

Valentines Day was for Saint Valentine. Most stores just wanted to make it a holiday so they could get money by selling candy so they started the holiday Valentines day on the feast day of Saint Valentine

It is celebreated as Valentine day after saint Valentine.

Valentines day was to recognize the death of Saint Valentine.

Saint Valentine started valentines, obviously!

In reference to Valentine's Day, yes. This refers to Saint Valentine.

Saint valentine gave us valentines day which is a day when one can express there love for another via cards or flowers or a romantic gesture

Saint Valentine was in jail and he sent someone a note that was from Valentine

Valentine's Day is celebrated partly because of the legend of Saint Valentine. Also, numerous early Christian martyrs were named Valentine.

When you have a Valentine for Valentines Day , you will start dating them on that day (Valentines Day)

February 14 is the feast day of Saint Valentine of Rome.

There are at least 10-14 Saints named Valentine. The most famous being St. Valentine of Rome whose feast day is February 14.

St. Valentine of Rome did not pass out 'Valentines.' He did, however, give a letter to his friend, the daughter of his jailer, and signed it "From Your Valentine."

The Valentine in Valentines Day is in represenation of St Valentine the patron St of love.

They do celebrate valentines day in India.

St. Valentine did not create the valentine. That is a relatively modern invention by somebody wishing to cash in on the saint's good name.

Valentines day originated because on the 14th of February St Valentine the patron saint of Love was beheaded for marrying christian couples when in this area and era it was illegal to help Christian's.

Valentines day is on February the 14th and is celebrated because a saint, named saint Valentine was in jail and while he was there he fell in love with the jailers daughter who was blind & on the day that he was suppose to be hanged, February the 14th, he sent one last love letter to the jailers daughter signed from your Valentines and that is why people write your valentines at the end of there cards and why its celebrated.

Yes he is, he caused all this Valentines day stuff, hence being the patron Saint of Love. Really when you think about it any Saint must be important.

I'm not sure, but I know that valentines day is to celebrate St.Valentine, who became the patron saint of lovers when it was made illegal to marry someone. Valentine continued to marry people in secret. He was thrown into prison, but that is how we got Valentines day.

Saint Valentine of Rome whose feast day is on February 14.

The movie Valentines Day is Pg-13.

The feast day of Saint Valentine of Rome is on February 14. He is considered the patron saint of lovers.

February 14th is Saint Valentines day