A Christmas Carol

What does Scrooge realize when he sees Belle her husband and their daughters by the fire?


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He realises what he lost

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Very saddened as he sees she has moved on and that Belle reaction was colder than he imagined

He starts to really see what he lost when Belle released him from his promise. She had a now a family and people who cared for her

Scrooge was engaged to "Belle" who never rated a last name in the story. They break up over his love of money. In the book and the 1935 movie "Scrooge" with Seymour Hicks we are shown Belle, her children and her husband living happily without him. In the 1951 "Scrooge" with Alastair Sim as Ebenezer Scrooge, she lives out her life working with the poor (marital status unknown).Strangely enough after the ghostly revelation that she is alive and well in London and his reordering of his priorities, he never seeks her out to renew the relationship. Some movie adaptations show Belle being one of Fezziwig's daughters.

It was Belles husband (Belle was Scrooges former fiancee )

The the Ghost of Christmas Past takes Scrooge to a more recent Christmas scene where Scrooges former fiancee Belle now a middle-aged reminisces with her husband about her former fiance, Ebenezer Scrooge. The husband tells Belle that Scrooge is now "quite alone in the world." The older Scrooge can no longer bear to see more visions of his past. He begs the Ghost of Christmas Past to take him back, back to his home.

Belle saw in Scrooge someone who was becoming more and more obsessed with money

Belle felt that Scrooge cared about money more than anything else.

Belle saw that Scrooge was consumed with making money. He would work feverishly and forget about others including Belle.

Belle ends her engagement with Scrooge because she realizes that he has changed, and that his love for money outweighs his love for her.

They were engaged bu Belle brojke it off as she saw the change in Scrooge in favour of money and not her

Money, "the Golden idle" as Belle calls it

In Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol, Belle and Scrooge were engaged as a young couple. Later Belle breaks off their engagement because she feels Scrooge's growing greed is changing him. When the ghost of Christmas Past reveals Belle to Scrooge and a grown woman with a family he realizes what he has lost.

In his youth, Scrooge had been engaged to Belle, but she broke off the engagement, because she felt that Scrooge's growing avidity for wealth had eaten away the good in him, and that as such their marriage would be misery. When the Ghost of Christmas Past shows her to him as a mature woman with a husband and a sweet, beautiful daughter, he (Scrooge) fully understands what he has lost.

He is offered an option by Belle his betrothed of being with her or the golden idle that has taken her place in his heart. Scrooge does not choose Belle

He remembers what he has lost and why Belle broke their engagement.

Scrooge was desperate not to see the visons of his past. In this case, he was in Belles home. Belle was his betrothed who broke off their engagement, because Scrooge was fixated on money. This drove Scrooge to become even more hard hearted. Seeing her in this setting, with a child and a husband, hurt him as he is realizing what he has lost.

Belle was betrothed in marriage to Scrooge. When Belle noticed that Scrooge was becoming more work focused and sought to earn evermore money he lost most interest in her - She told him he was released from his promise because he and another love a golden one

Scrooge was in love with Belle, who broke up with him when his total focus seemed to change to only being concerned about making money.

Belle ends her engagement with Scrooge because she realises that he has changed, and that his love for money outweighs his love for her. Because Scrooge had fallen out of love with her and money had taken his heart.

He isn't. Scrooge is so focused on business that he wants belle to wait until another time to discuss the matter, he was busy. This was the telling factor for Belle as to Scrooges commitment. Later we see Scrooge accompanied with the Ghost shouting at the vision of his past to go after Belle not to let her go. This of course is the past and it cannot be changed but it does highlight that Scrooge did love Belle he just lost focus on what was important

No she left him in spring

Belle sees that Scrooge is fixated on making money so much so that he ignores their relationship and Belle decides to break their engagement

This was not his wife. Scrooge didnt marry at all. The person was Belle. Belle was Scrooges fiancee, his betrothed . Belle had seen Scrooge change. He had lost the poor young mans attitude and allowed wealth to take over his life. This drive for more wealth had pushed Belle out of his heart as gold now replaced his love

yes she did until she realised that he loved money more than her

Belle is scrooges fiancee who sees scrooges love of money take over and tells scrooge that she releases him from his promise

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